Zombie picture app

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Feb 24, AM via Website. There are a lot of Zombie Photo Editing Apps. The app has lots of different effects and masks. It is very similar to the two apps above. The difference is that here there are the walking dead character masks that you can apply to your face. So, if you like the show, you will probably like the app. Funny phone prank with the camera - Well, basically, this one is a scary face changing app, but there is a different meaning behind these words here. You see, this is a prank app that allows you to make people scared, and therefore this is a scary app.

You can get the most inadequate reactions after using it, so it definitely is. There are other creatures too — lots of masks in this app are now available for free. The app is awesome to use on a Halloween eve. Mar 3, AM via Website. Best applications, tryout my dotvpn for your apps. Mar 24, AM via Website. Another good app is Online Video Converter for editor of video it is not the monsters that take the breath away, it is getting old. Please if you are not redirected within a few seconds. To the NextPit home.

Facebook Twitter. Mobility News E-Bikes. Deactivated . Forum posts: Zombie Photo Editor - Make a scary photos prank and fool your friends and family with a Zombie app called Zombie Photo Editor ! Make the scariest zombie images using Zombie Photo Maker and scare your friends and family out of their wits from this zombie app! Meet the scariest photo editor ever. Zombify - Zombify is an amazing app for turning people into zombies! ZombieBooth 2 - ZombieBooth 2 is the second edition of the ZombieBooth app that got 2 million downlo. The app is similar to the one above — it also makes a 3D zombie video out of your face!

Here, there are lots of effects that you can apply to your eyes, your yet non-existing scars, and other zombie attributes. AgingBooth - For some people, it is not the monsters that take the breath away, it is getting old. AgingBooth lets you imagine more vividly how you are going to look like when you are old. We all age differently. And, hopefully, gracefully. Reply More Link to post. Yes, thanks 0 No.

Zombie picture app

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