Worst marriage proposal

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When we think of marriage proposals, we picture a sunset on a golden beach. A bottle of champagne lay on a picnic blanket. Rose petals and candles. However, eva , the video social network for real people, showed us the other side of the coin. Below, are five of the best or worst stories.

They range from hair being set on fire, to accidentally proposing to a future mother-in-law…. As I tried to put the ring on after accepting, it became lodged on my finger. Little did I know that the ring was a display model that my boyfriend intended to return and get sized up properly the next day.

My mother and I went to the toilets to try and get the ring off, and in all the excitement and panic — I managed to pass out on the sink. By this point, my finger was turning a vibrant shade of blue. After coming to, I tried everything from vaseline to frozen peas to try and remove the ring.

The bruise lasted two weeks! Off we drove to Wales and because of some unfortunate got lost and had to reverse along tiny country ro. Finally, after asking a local for directions we made it and started our ascent up Aran mountain! An hour later we got lost again, this time on foot. This is where things started to go horribly wrong.

With darkness falling, and keen to get to our pitch site, my boyfriend decided we should go off the path! So, we had to return to the car. So, again we headed back down to the car. Despite the disastrous weekend, I said yes! My boyfriend had told our flatmates at the time, and they were acting strangely — obviously eager to see what my answer would be that evening. So, once at the restaurant, lo and behold, there the ring was in my glass of wine. Regardless, I still accepted and as I took the ring and bent forward to kiss him, my hair fell into the candle in the middle of the table.

After that, even the chef came out of the kitchen to poke fun at us. Overall, not a great birthday or engagement! After a while, our relationship blossomed and one weekend I took him to meet my parents who also lived in Ireland. Unbeknownst to me, he had bought an engagement ring and was planning to propose that weekend! On Saturday evening, I remember feeling very tired and going to bed early, to my old bedroom.

My boyfriend meanwhile was sleeping in the guest bedroom. My parents retired for the night, and all was quiet. Then, at some point in the middle of the night he heard my dad go downstairs and there and then, decided to come to my room and propose. Unfortunately he made a wrong turn and ended up in my parents bedroom, and yes! Needless to say, my Dad was flabbergast. I was a little embarrassed but managed to laugh it off, and my boyfriend… well he wanted the ground to swallow him up! In the end, we never decided to do the whole engagement thing — we instead sold the ring and spent the money for a deposit on a house.

However, things went completely wrong for our engagement! I expect he probably thought proposing prior to me boarding a plane would echo a love scene from a romantic movie. When he proposed to me just five meters away from the check-in desk, near a dirty coffee table and a rubbish bin, things took a turn for the worse. Finally, when I did accept, on my return, my engagement ring started to break apart. The wedding in August will hopefully be far, far better! Home Blog. Like this? You'll love….

Worst marriage proposal

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The World's 10 Worst Marriage Proposals