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Some of the sheen wore off when he clashed with the US Department of Justice in and was accused of monopolistic trade practices for controlling over 97 per cent of the market for personal operating systems on computers. He fought the ruling and won back his reputation. This time though the odds, mostly of his own creation, are stacked against him.

Ill-advised meetings with the late Jeffrey Epstein who was convicted for trafficking of underage girls for the pleasure of his rich friends; at least one affair six years into his marriage which Gates has admitted to; and several inappropriate propositions to women co-workers have not only tainted his reputation but also suggested that the image of the nerdy, socially awkward geek is not entirely accurate. Also read: Why Bill Gates is keen on private jets. Some of the answers to his current failure may well have to do with the arrogance that comes with brilliance.

Here was a man, after all, who started coding when he was 13, solved complex problems like analysing traffic data, organising school schedules and storing information for a hydroelectric giant before he was He has been on the cover of practically every major magazine in the world, become a hugely respected corporate titan, and then in an amazing segue created an international philanthropic foundation hoping to answer complex problems of climate change and inaccessible healthcare.

It was a move that transformed him from a captain of industry into a global humanist, a man who could do deals with presidents and prime ministers, who could change scientific priorities around the world by changing funding, and yet could still control how efficiently your operating system worked. Since then, the bad news has gone from a trickle to a flood.

His is not a rags to riches story. His father was William H. Gates Sr. His mother Mary Gates was a respected businesswoman and helped Gates get the computer firm IBM as a client, while his father encouraged him to pursue philanthropy.

He was outstandingly intelligent. Gates recalls in a WIRED interview how he performed best-in-state at a maths exam and was challenged by his friend Paul Allen to figure out how to operate a complicated computer at the high school the two attended. Gates was 13 at the time, Allen was 15 and went on to become co-founder of Microsoft.

Even as a year-old schoolboy, Gates had an eye for the girls. A few years later, in , Gates was studying at Harvard, and Allen was working in the nearby Boston area. Gates recalls how Allen saw an opportunity in computers. One day Allen rushed Gates to a newsstand to show him a magazine cover of a new, powerful computer. Microsoft was founded in to write software for computers. The company even wrote computer software for Apple during which a legendary enmity developed between Gates and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs. Gates was also a ruthless businessman. Gates is currently 4 on the Forbes billionaire list and is worth Gates and Melinda French met in , married in and now have three adult children.

According to Melinda , her first interaction with Gates was at a Microsoft dinner in New York when the two sat next to each other. Gates had asked her out on a date months later. Melinda left Microsoft after marrying Gates. The way Gates and Melinda met is similar to how Gates tried to meet other women at work. In another instance a year or two later, Mr.

Gates propositioned a female employee of the Gates Foundation while the two were traveling in New York together. He never pressured the women for sex, our sources told us; he simply asked them for dates. Gates served as Microsoft CEO until , then as chief software architect until and then Microsoft board chairman until In March , Gates announced he was leaving the Microsoft board where he was a member, to focus more on philanthropy.

Gates has admitted to having an affair but says it happened almost 20 years ago, that it ended amicably and did not play a role in leaving the board. This is only one of the several skeletons to come out of the closet since the Gates divorce announcement. There has been a conspiracy theory that suggests Gates is using the Covid pandemic to implant chips in people to track them.

There has also been some reappraisal about some of the initiatives of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, well-meaning but also expensive and ultimately unsuccessful. Three, in particular, have stood out: the campaign to eradicate polio, a disease still in evidence in some parts of the world; his dream of generating nuclear power with the reactors made in China; and his toilet technology, which has yet to show scale. India needs free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more as it faces multiple crises. But the news media is in a crisis of its own.

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Wives want real sex Fort Gates

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