Winner of king of the nerds

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About this time last year, the TBS reality competition ended a near-perfect season with one slight hiccup: rather than determining the winner through an epic, final Nerd Off like the seven that preceded it, the nerdiest nerd to ever nerd was decided…by a popular vote. Everybody go home!

What should have been a suspenseful and thrilling conclusion to the season instead carried all the drama and excitement of watching two kids take the math portion of their SATs. This should have been a large-scale final competition—ideally something elaborate and sprawling out on the lawn—where players were allowed to communicate openly and cheer on their preferred nerd.

The fatal mistake of the Nerd-liminator is that when you prevent the players from engaging with each other, you also prevent them from engaging with us, and no amount of the fun editing that is a hallmark of this show was going to be able to hide that even if we did get these fantastic editing jokes along the way :.

In the end, Kayla emerged victorious, defeating Jack by just one point. As my esteemed RHAP colleague taylorcotter pointed out to me, there is virtually no marketability to a champion like Celeste or Kayla. Are they deserving winners? Sure… but fun winners? Not particularly. GIF machine Xander. Kayla found herself in the exact opposite position: on the Titans of Rigel, who only lost one proper Nerd War, she was almost never in any danger of being eliminated.

Combine that with being one of the more reserved nerds this season, and she gets a relatively small amount of screen time, providing us very little opportunity to really get to know her. But hers was at least something of a cohesive storyline, you know? But they clearly did not find the last missing piece of the puzzle on Thursday night. Maybe the third time if there is a third time will be the charm for finale greatness, but I actually think reinventing the reality show wheel would be a mistake.

Instead, I submit for your approval:. In the first round, the final four nerds all compete in some challenge—whoever finishes first advances to Round 3, and whoever finishes last is eliminated. In Round 2, the second and third place finishers from Round 1 battle for the last spot in Round 3. And from there, one true final Nerd Off decides who gets the crown. Would it have been judged by a panel or been score-based? Kayla would have fired him on the spot if he said so much as one snide word about Janeway.

Three nerds are randomly given large cash prizes for their hard work during the season. Then everyone goes home. You know what? Forget everything I just said. Did you like this season finale more than I did? Did Kayla deserve the win, or were you rooting for Jack? What did you think of season 2 as a whole? Follow Rob Facebook Youtube Twitter. Toggle .

Winner of king of the nerds

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