Why do i feel so lonely with my boyfriend

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I offer a warm and non-judgmental space for you to work through your problems. I can help you with anxiety, disordered eating, depression, relationship problems and more. Search Questions or Ask New:. Top Rated Answers. You cannot connect when you are closed and protected. You may feel lonely with your partner when your partner is closed and angry, or withdrawn and uncommunicative. You will feel lonely if your partner deliberately shuts you out with work, TV, food, alcohol, hobbies, the Internet and so on. Being inauthentic in order to control how your partner feels about you does not lead to authentic connection.

You may feel lonely with your partner when one or both of you are closed to learning when a conflict arises. The unwillingness to have open communication about important issues creates walls between you. You may feel lonely if you or your partner use your sexual relationship as a form of control.

You will feel lonely if you or your partner stays up in your mind rather than being together with open hearts. Intellectualization can be interesting at times, but after a while it can feel flat and lonely. You may feel lonely if your partner judges you regarding your thoughts, feelings, looks or actions. Judgment creates disconnection, and disconnection can be very lonely. Did you find this post helpful? Anonymous May 23rd, am. We're so quick to judge sometimes, yet we don't have the patients to sit and actually listen to what the other person wants.

I feel alone because I feel as if my actions and feelings are not reciprocated by my boyfriend. I feel like he's my one and only, but I'm just another girl for him to date. Anonymous May 23rd, pm. He doesn't fulfill your needs. You want something from him and he doesn't give you what you want, and I'm not talking about material stuff.

I think you should talk to him and tell him what you need and ask him if he can do that. Sometimes, when two people are in a relationship for a certain amount of time, everything becomes normal, you lose that connection between you guys, you feel that the relationship you used to have isn't there no more and that you alone are in this relationship. That's all based on my experiences. Relationships are not a cure for loneliness.

This is one of the big deceptions. Expect to feel lonely from time to time Even when you are surrounded by others Even when you are in a relationship Even when you love others and they love you. Loneliness is a natural and normal part of the human experience. It may not always feel like it, but loneliness is a great teacher.

Spending some introspective time with yourself and your thoughts can give you great insights about life and who you really are. Loneliness reminds of what we truly desire, and creates longings that drive us out of our comfort zone into new experiences. The answer is not always to run and hide from loneliness or to rush to fill it with brain-numbing activities and distractions or a new relationship. Face your feelings of loneliness. Ask 'what is my loneliness trying to teach me? If the bad outweighs the good, it may be time to cut ties and set him or her loose, but know that no relationship will ever take away your loneliness entirely.

No single person will ever completely meet all your needs. But, if you find a good person, you can support each other, learn from each other, and enjoy the ride together. Good luck :. Give your partner some space and try not to latch on to the person always.

Remember, you cannot impose yourself on your partner. A relationship has to work out on mutual understanding. Anonymous July 2nd, pm. In every relationship we can feel alone. We can feel that the other person doesn't care for us. Maybe their actions make us feel alone. I think that there should be done some talking about it.

Maybe you feel so alone because you're not getting the attention that you want or the connection is as strong. You feel alone in your relationship because you're not spending enough time with your ificant other, as LoveForAllOfYou said. You also may not feel as close to your ificant other as you ly felt. Ask yourself if anything has happened recently that may be causing you to feel this way.

For example, have you argued or had any disagreements with them? This tends to make people feel like they are growing apart from their partners at times, and can make them feel alone even though they are in a relationship. As said by WinterFlute, "A relationship has to work out on mutual understanding".

Which means both should understand each other, not only the physical needs but also the mental states, and try to give comfort to each other. A relationship blossoms only when we connect at soul level, like we used to play with our friends in childhood. So what to do now, when its not working out? One way is to talk out your feelings to your partner. An understanding partner will never allow same situation to happen.

The core of any relationship is emotional support and emotional joy. If at first it does not work, talking again and again might change things for better. Otherwise the second step is to look for another partner, who can truly support you, at least emotionally. However this step is a gamble, you may win or loose. If you don't resonate with the 2 above, you may choose to live alone.

Practice meditation and read spiritual stuffs. It greately increases self-confidence in you. Overtime you will find that you don't need to depend on people too much. Plus you can always go for movies, or favorite music to kill loneliness feelings. Actually it just requires to shift your focus from something undesireable i. You just need to train your mind for this. Also you can always have a chat with someone on 7cups if you are feeling lonely.

Its a great way to share your feelings, and get any help not mentioned here. You feel alone because communication, transparency and trust are missing. You maybe feel alone because your partner is not giving you enough time or maybe you are not sharing your thoughts with him or her. It is a matter of open communication with your partner in order for you to feel secured and despite of challenges you still feel like you are not alone for the battle. Anonymous December 31st, am. I am really sorry you feel this way, but I want you to know this is not uncommon.

Why do i feel so lonely with my boyfriend

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