Why am i so afraid of being cheated on

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I used to overthink everything. At the time, I didn't have the confidence to trust my own instincts and it got me into trouble on more than one occasion. There were a handful of times when I was paranoid about my partner cheating , but I got so caught up in my own head that I just ended up frozen in indecision on what to do about it. I wasted a lot of time that way. It was a tough lesson, but eventually I learned it. The truth is, your gut is a useful tool because it's an excellent early warning detector that things might be off in your relationship.

The only problem is that it can also be an unreliable narrator, as Kerri-Anne Brown , a d mental health counselor and founder of Healing with Wisdom, tells Elite Daily. In other words, instinct isn't always great about nuance, so while trusting your gut is usually a good idea, you still might need to temper it with some thought. Has something happened in your life recently that may be affecting your confidence? This can be anything from health issues, to losing a job or a loved one. Was a past partner unfaithful?

Past betrayals can be a huge source of anxiety in your current relationship, says Brown, as being blindsided like that can really put a dent in your confidence and make everything your new partner does seem suspicious. Celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti agrees. If you want things to pick back up, it's totally possible to make that happen. You can always initiate! Has your partner gotten really busy with work or school, or had to do some traveling that put some miles between you?

If so, that distance you feel from one another may literally just be physical distance. Feeling your partner pull away can be scary. Why, when you used to be so close and spend all your time together, are they suddenly pushing away? Brown warns that if you don't, you may make incorrect assumptions and jump to the wrong conclusions. Are you watching patterns of behavior you recognize as red flags? If so, be brave.

Ideally, having the conversation will actually put you at ease, but even if it does confirm your fears were valid, it can still ultimately be positive, says Brown. The knowing is what can allow for repair and growth should you decide to stay in the relationship and rebuild with your partner. In other words, depending on how the insight above applies to you, you may want to check in with your gut again.

If it still sounds the alarm, it could be time to heed it and start considering your next steps. This post was originally published on Oct. It was updated on Aug. Additional reporting by Rachel Shatto. This article was originally published on By Rachel Shatto. Updated: Aug. Originally Published: Oct. Here are five things the experts say may be the cause of your relationship anxiety. You're Feeling Insecure In General. Search Close.

Why am i so afraid of being cheated on

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