Why am i single test for guys

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Please leave empty:. I recently broke up. It was a while ago. I can't even remember the last time I was in a relationship. I 've never been in one. Bold, outgoing, flirty. Shy, sweet, sensitive. Funny, caring, adventurous. Self conscious, sweet, shy. I feel kind of lonely. I want someone to be there for me. I want to experience it. Most of my friends have one. Which one of the following phrases are you most likely to hear when you talk about your love life?

Why don't you just go get a boyfriend? You need to be more confident. It'll happen when the time is right. I don't talk about my love life with anyone. I don't have a crush. We talk all the time and sometimes flirt a little. We say hi sometimes. He doesn't even know I exist. Romantic, sweet, funny. Flirty, hot, rich. Athletic, funny, adventurous.

Shy, sweet, caring. If a guy you like insults, or ignores you when you speak, what is your reaction? I ignore it. I give him a piece of my mind. I slap him. I bare my rage and my pain inside me. What would you like to first experience or want to experience again in a relationship?

Cuddling and hugging. I just want to know how is it like to have a boyfriend. What is even the point of this question? Yes, I'm most likely to. No, I don't think so. Who knows? I have my good days. I always have, do and will love myself.

No, I feel insecure. Comments Change color. Tee I totally agree :. Also, the last guy I knew who liked me was a creep so yeah. Michael Jackson Girl The result I got perfectly described me. In scared when a door opens and I wait for love to come to me. Klaus Baudelaire Lover I'm single because I'm ugly and no guy will ever like me. Mia Vang Vang the Vang Vang I mean I only see him during tuition and we always talk and joke about dumb things. Anonymous When a guy actually does want to spend time with me I think I make things awkward with my shyness.

Eliza Every guy I know likes me Yet they do horrible things. Nancy JKitty I'm too shy to ask my crush, and I also kinda put myself down, and am likely bipolar : Don't any of you give up, though. Moon Guys what u need to do is act cool. Play it like u dont have a care in the world it might seem hard at first but trust me ot gets easier. Guys like these kinds of girls its how i got my crush to like me.

Play it cool! I'm single because I'm shy and I shut my door alot. I'm single because the lack of confidence no boy even talks to me without getting to know me. Not tellin' I am single because I lack self confidence.

Not surprised, if a boy I like talks to me, I think don't say anything dumb. Alexandra I don't wanna seem devestaning , but what I honestly think that only fewers church love and know how to love Delete this comment Cancel.

Why am i single test for guys

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