White mosaic sugar glider

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These unique pets have become available in more and more variations over the past years. Classic gray sugar gliders are the most common variety of these cute animals. In fact, this color happens to be what they naturally feature.

Our second type is a variation of the classic gray sugar glider. The main difference is their back stripe is pitch black rather than having any hint of brown. Sadly, this variation has become known for its high mortality rate.

Some of them will even die before weaning. The first thing to know abou t leucistic sugar gliders is where they got their unique name. Leucistic refers to a condition called leucism , which causes animals to lack melanin on their skin. Mosaic sugar gliders are popular because they come in numerous colors and patterns. Mosaic is considered a trait rather than a color because it can appear on any colored sugar glider. Piebalds are a rare variation of mosaic sugar gliders, which feature peculiar far patches.

Most of them will also contain little to no dark-colored markings. But white mosaics with dark markings will have them located on their ears. The size of them will vary from glider to glider. The difference becomes noticeable around two weeks old when they start getting color on their ears. The second most common color variation would have to be white face blond sugar gliders. Sugar gliders can also be both platinum and mosaics true platinum mosaics. These gliders would have a ringtail and white-collar like standard platinums, but the rest of their traits would be mosaic.

Another rare variation would be ruby platinum sugar gliders , which are combos of platinums and cremeinos. Sugar gliders with both cremeino and mosaic traits are called cremeino mosaics. It can be tricky to identify them by their appearance alone, which is where knowing their genes will come in handy.

Sugar gliders with a lack of pigmentation are called albino sugar gliders. An albino sugar glide is considered a rare color variation and recessive. But this characteristic is even rarer and has become something of a holy grail for breeders. Caramel variations are a subspecies of sugar gliders, which feature a caramel coat with faint gray markings. These gliders will have larger ears than most other types, white wrists, white hands, and fluffy curled tails. Ruby leucistic s ugar gliders, also called double recessive sugar gliders, are a combo of two recessive color genes that in red eyes and white fur.

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White mosaic sugar glider

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Mosaic Sugar Gliders – A Complete Overview [With Pictures]