What to wear first date dinner

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In this current dating culture , first dates are usually fairly quick. A drink, a coffee, nothing crazy. But regardless of how you met, a first date is still a bit stressful. You definitely want to dress the part and give off a good first impression. All while feeling your best and most confident in the right outfit. You definitely want to gauge your first date based on the vibe of the location you pick. Is it more casual? Will you be outside going for a walk? Or is it more dressy like a nice hotel lobby bar?

There are so many different types of first dates to consider your outfit of choice. Here are a few ideas! An easy, casual date that requires little effort in terms of your outfit. If you like, you can swap your blazer for a fun leather jacket, or bring a more sexy heel. Below are a few favorite looks that work for the office and would be great to crossover to a first date too. But definitely step it up a bit! I personally prefer this kind of date over anything else. You can commit to one drink and go for a second if things are going well.

And for me, I like to get there early so I can have a little pre-drink to get rid of any first date jitters. But one drink allows you to also have an out. I like to keep things casual but slightly elevated. My got to are always jeans. But wear your favorite kind of bottom that makes you feel good. I usually wear jeans and a nicer top. Just add a bootie or simple heel. For fall and winter, I like to throw on a great jacket like a suede moto one, leather or a fashionable blazer.

You either like or dislike a coffee date. Fun sneakers or booties, jeans and a graphic tee with a jacket are perfect. I also love a good chunky sweater and high waisted jeans with booties. For the summer, choose a flowy summer dress and a sandal. A denim skirt and sandals with a tank is also great. Simple, casual but still put together. I feel like a coffee date is just my cocktail date outfit but more casual. Swap heels for sneakers or booties, add a denim jacket to the dress, and so on. Here are a few outfit ideas! Movies are super casual and I like to be comfortable!

Those reclining chairs are the best, right? For any movie date, I always go comfortable in jeans, tee, and sneakers. You can swap sneakers for booties, loafers or any flat you prefer. Bring a sweater or cardigan as movie theatres tend to get cold. And cardigans, sweaters, or light jackets do that perfectly! A fancy dinner date night is always fun anyway, right? For a nicer dinner, choose a pretty cocktail dress, or nicer dark jeans with a silky blouse, blazer, and stiletto.

The weather, the activity, and what makes you look and feel good. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you head out the door for your next date! Are you planning to sit on a patio and have a margarita? Or go for a walk? All of these things play into what you choose to wear on a first date. You definitely still want to feel good and leave a great first impression. So keep in mind these things.

I love a good activity date. He wanted it to be a surprise and I had no idea what it was we were doing. I went with a casual but nicer mini dress and some high heels. Nice, but not too nice! Still a touch casual, but showed just enough skin for a fun date. It ended up being a casual cooking class and I basically looked like an escort. It was embarrassing. Everyone else was in jeans and sneakers ready to get their hands dirty and cook! I dumped him that night. But if it is, go for it! Have you been killing it in the gym to get those Michelle Obama arms?

Show them off, girl! Or do you have great long legs, throw on a mini skirt. Photos by Hannah Lozano. This is so cute. Love the whole post and your outfits. Now I just need to find a date to go to LOL! Comments So many great looks for date-night! Love the spring and summer looks most! Best time for dates too, no one wants to get a drink at 6 pm when its already dark out ha!

What to wear first date dinner

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What To Wear On A First Date? What Not To Wear?