What makes guys angry

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I want to be able to match an irritating personality to the face I have come to know so well through careful Facebook stalking. I want to know her hobbies, especially if they include field hockey, going to raves, or getting manicures. Is it wrong that merely putting this point on my list titillates me like nothing else? Real quick, though: WHY is it that all men feel a sense of ownership over their favorite sports team?

Perhaps loosing the reins a bit might make for a happier little Johnny Boy come Sunday when The Jets are murdered. Not being in the mood for sex, regardless of the reason, will always be regarded by your boyfriend as a sadistic and strategic move on your part to make him suffer. You could be sick with H1N1 and your boyfriend would still see this as you withholding sex from him—intentionally and with ill-intent. And yet their anger over this is known to last a notoriously short period of time.

Found this one out the hard way: a big butt on a dude is ificantly less funny to him than it is to you. Merely having a penis, it would seem, does not make someone impervious to fat jokes. And so as funny as a man with a big butt is, I recommend not pointing it out. Weirded out? Okay, if thats really how it makes you feel. But mad? Because women have the opportunity to pursue their lifelong athletic dreams too?

Seems unfair—then again, what do I know? A hungry man, as opposed to a satiated one, has a much greater likelihood of reacting in an unreasonable or irrational manner. And despite all of its proven benefits too. Accordingly, when it comes time to make the decision—condom or no condom? Men like to be the decision-makers; the one with the final say or the last word, if you will. Men are a hungry gender. Which is why tapas—that cutesy, shareable, Spanish cuisine known for their diminutive-size plates will often leave men heated, and on the brink of a conniption. In times like these, men will get nervous and over-order, and then continue to remain silent—fixated on the waiter—throughout the entire meal.

Ironically, such men are usually the gayest of all, exhibiting homophobia perhaps in hopes of turning themselves straight. These men typically interpret a crowded morning commute as a greater conspiracy to proselytize their sexuality. In fact some men, perhaps those who work in typically male-dominated work environments, will scoff at any orders given to them by a female boss. The idea of a woman having more power than him can offend him in a Mad Men , s, Mel Gibson kind-of-way.

These words are for us all. Beyond Worthy , by Jacqueline Whitney. You may unsubscribe at any time. Lethal Weapon 1. When their girlfriend talks about an ex. Making fun of their favorite video game. When their sports team loses. Witholding sex. Telling them they have a big butt.

The WNBA. When they feel like their girl is making them stay in. Girls who steal food off of their plates. Having to be the responsible one. Women with power. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! See you Friday. Follow Thought Catalog.

What makes guys angry

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The One Thing All Angry Men Have in Common