What does cis woman mean

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Where does cis come from? Why do we need a word for this? What is cisgenderism? You may have heard the term cis being used before, maybe even being used to describe you, and wonder what it meant, or why the word would need to exist at all. Cis, short for cisgender pronounced sis-gender , or just sis , is a term that means whatever gender you are now is the same as what was pd for you at birth. This simply means that when a parent or doctor called you a boy or a girl when you were born, they got it right. Cis people can be men or women, because those are the genders that doctors label people at birth.

These terms have been used in the scientific disciplines for centuries, such as in chemistry, geography, and genetics. Chemistry has used the terms trans and cis to talk about the arrangement of isomers, which are molecules or ions that have the same formula but different structures.

They are used to describe the structure of a molecule, and whether an atom is on the same side as a similar atom, or a different side. Language is full of these borrowed words, taken from different disciplines or subjects to describe new experiences and understandings of the world. The use of the word cis to talk about gender is just one more way we can make sense of and describe the world around us.

Cis woman and trans woman. While cis people are more common , normal can have a connotation of denigrating trans people. By being able to differentiate between trans and cis people, we can talk about the experiences we have that differ, and the many more experiences we have that are similar. Reading this is a great start, but we recommend visiting our Downlo and looking through the resources provided there to learn more. An evidence-based model for understanding the mental health experiences of transgender Australians.

Australian Psychologist. Cisgenderism - Y. Gavriel Ansara and Israel Berger. All illustrations on this by Briar Rolfe. If you're interested in learning more about your health and gender affirmation, or about how to support the trans people in your life, TransHub has got you covered.

For more on being a great ally, try our Allies section , which has information for families , partners , friends , and more. What does cis mean? On this : Where does cis come from? Australian Psychologist Cisgenderism - Y. Want to learn more? Print this .

What does cis woman mean

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What do transgender and cisgender mean?