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for Map of August whale sightings. August 31 Our evening trip. Star, J I'm giving her a 10 on her forward lunge breach! But captains Monte and Eric steered us through the raindrops to first get a good look at a lone gray whale by Kellet Ledge in Rosario Strait , then headed up toward San Juan Island to catch up with some of K pod and L pod.

We got great looks at the young male K25 Scoter, lovely female K20 Spock and her son K38 Comet , and a few more males and females, approximately 10 whales. They were quite active, breaching, tail slapping, spyhopping, porpoising, some hunting for fish, and generally headed first south and then west.

Even though it was cloudy, the water was glass smooth, creating beautiful patterns as the whales surfaced and dove, with their big "whoosh" of breath announcing their presence. What a privilege to see them, as always! Crazy spread! We headed on reports of incoming Transients coming west from Race Rocks L72 Racer - Juan de Fuca.

At least 3 seal kills and some great energy and playful action. Appeared to be two adults and a smaller one. There were three whale watching groups nearby. Didn't see them again after they had passed Clover Point. Seen by Boulder Island, south end of Lopez. The "new" gray whale in the area is known to Cascadia Research, it's CRC 37 , first spotted in , but not seen in Puget Sound before They where traveling south. Seem spread Milling, some offshore some in shore, but still trending north at the moment.

Whales came within ' of shore. My Son-inlaw sent this picture to me off the spit in Port Angeles today. He said there were 4 of them 2 babies and 2 adults. The dorsal fin of one of them was about 5 feet high. He also heard from someone that they traveled into the Port Angeles bay by the coast guard station. We watched from about until as it was feeding between Norwegian Point and Point No Point , just meandering.

Surfaced several time. Spectacular with the sun reflecting off its body and dorsal fin. Slowly undulating south, jumping completely out of the water and making my task of doing the dishes slightly less mundane. All three pods headed back in towards San Juan Island this evening, and word on the street is J28 was seen. I would figure about 40 passed LK, including members of all 3 pods.

There are some Southbound from Eagle. They were here late morning today. Feeding at first, then casually left the harbor. There was one on the outside of the harbor all by itself. I know it happens, but I have lived here 36 years and never seen them in our harbor before. So exciting! The group of passengers was awesome, the weather perfect, and the whales stunning! We had quite the encounter today, with upwards of 30 whales displaying feeding behavior. Whale groups identified included the T- 18s, 19s, 34s, 36s, 37s, 65As, and 99s!

This extraordinary meetup of whales gave a great insight onto how they feed -- slapping their tails and spyhopping Moving southbound. While it did not breach, we could see it surface and breathe several times and also saw the whale's flukes as it dove. Going north. Spouts and flukes. Saw a group of at least 4 orca whales heading east past Crane and Bell Island toward the Orcas Ferry Terminal from my deck on the east side of Crane Island.

I was watching from Observation Park. Thank you to the Whale Museum letting me know they got notice that Transients will passing in front of Friday Harbor. One group was lunching on a seal when we arrived on scene. Mystic Sea stayed with this group as they traveled towards Green Point, stopping for food several times along the way. While feeding, passengers were able to watch as these orcas spyhopped, breached, and slapped their tails - preparing their prey for consumption.

Looks like 2 groups total of orcas , surfacing and long dives. Several boats including a huge yacht that thought they were a whale watching boat. The humpback is following a boat , going under, tail slapping and seemingly pushing the boat.

Boater appears to be trying to back away but whale is staying with them. Seems like the boat either pissed the whale off or it is in love :. Looks like the whale has moved on. Wish these boaters would keep their distance better. Probably humpbacks. At one point we saw a tail coming straight out of the water. They were swimming together close to the surfers, for at least an hour. Closest the came to me was about 20 feet. It was about high tide, around 12 pm.

Good Times! We then continued on to East Point where we observed a group of transient orcas for a bit before starting our return venture home. After spotting 'the tight group of powering north ', it looked as though some pulled off west while slowed up and seemed to be moving towards Whidbey Island, but then headed north again. We went on to Bush Point and continued to watch this group as they approached Marrowstone. Now sounds as if the group that may have pulled off west have made a later appearance off Bush Point and have become 'the trailers'. We were just off Liplip Point Marrowstone island.

We captured a short video which is attached to this . We suppose they were two males because the fins were extremely large! We first noticed them due to the breathing and then saw the fins. We turned north and could see them surfacing for another 20 min or so. They're pretty close to shore on the Whidbey side headed North. We could see them from Frank Robinson beach, but they were pretty far out from the bay. This is probably the first group Still a little south of Lagoon Point. Saw 2 males, a female and juvenile for sure.

Traveling NW up Admiralty Inlet at a pretty good pace, looked like maybe a stop for a kill or hunt. Going North. Split Fin was on minute dive intervals searching for krill and small fish. Humpbacks seen next morning. We did see J46 actively lunging and chasing salmon, so I am hopeful she shared some with her mother.

I have to remain hopeful that whatever is going on with J28, she can overcome it. For her sake and the sake of the Southern Resident Killer Whale community, I have to keep up the hope. Big beautiful resting group all the way along the bank travelling about 1.

They hit the coal port - Georgia Strait - and then I've never seen anything like it It looked like the majority of Group A just started launching!! Lots of social behaviors, spyhops, tail and pec slaps, rolling around, cuddle puddles, you name it, they did it. When I heard whales were sighted I had to go and watch from shore. It was nice and cool by the water compared to inland near town. As bittersweet as it was, I am glad I went and spent the time at Lime Kiln. Got to watch J28, J46, and J54 from shore for hours. J22s looked to be off False Bay based on boat locations.

Everyone was there - including J28 Polaris - but she's still looking really underweight. Notice the depressions around her blowhole and eyepatches. She's clearly a fighter!

Webcam sonic Clallam Bay Washington ks

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