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May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself , a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure. The earliest definition of "spank bank" on Urban Dictionary is from March Almost two decades later, it's difficult to conceptualize the world in For one thing, I was nine years old.

But it was society before Facebook meaning pre-social media as we know and before the iPhone — but also pre-MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub and other mainstream tube sites. While today there are seemingly endless ways to consume porn — from Pornhub to audio erotica — spank banks are still alive and well and being compiled in all sorts of creative ways.

From alt Twitters to an entirely separate device, seven people graciously told me about the digital homes for their masturbation fodder. Multiple people told me about their penchant for keeping alt Twitter s solely for the purpose of browsing porn. Here I was, thinking that alt Twitters were just for anonymously talking shit about people who pissed you off.

But no — separate, anonymous Twitter s are some people's way of saving porn and following their favorite creators. While three people spoke to me about this on the record, several others also sung the praises of such a Twitter . James, who usually lives in Toronto but is social distancing in their hometown of Sudbury, Ontario along with his family, has had an alt Twitter for two years. He started it as a refuge from Tumblr, which banned adult content at the end of James told me that creating the was "a reaction to Tumblr very strictly enforcing a no adult content rule, which as a lot of those rules do, affected queer people and sex workers the most, and resulted in most of those profile being flagged or deleted, or their content being hidden.

James pointed out that if you search on Twitter, many sex workers' s have "Tumblr refugee" in their bios. He said he only follows queer creators on his alt, and uses it to masturbate a few times a week — or sometimes everyday "if the mood strikes. Ana, a woman in Miami, started her alt Twitter this year.

She had been looking up porn on her regular Twitter but, as she told me, it left her feeling "kinda dirty. Oscar, a man in South Asia, told me that Twitter is a newfound love — and we actually corresponded via DM on his . He's able to like and retweet content from "dirty s," as he referred to them. For James, the pandemic hasn't changed his masturbating habits too much.

He usually masturbated early mornings or late nights anyway. Ana, however, said that quarantine had definitely changed her habits, given that masturbation helps her sleep in these stressful times. And masturbate," she said. While alt Twitter s are popular, some people are more specific in their spank bank preferences. Take Corinna, a woman living in Brussels. Growing up in a religious household led her to be creative when it came to finding masturbation fodder, and her material of choice is fan-fiction, specifically featuring Larry Stylinson, the mash-up couple name for One Direction members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

Corinna bookmarks stories on fan-fiction site Archive Of Our Own , or downlo them onto her Kindle. She re the same stories commonly abbreviated to "fic" for comfort and speed, she told me, but if she has some hours to spare she'll get into a new fic and "read s at once. For her, the more she dates the less fan-fiction she re; given that she was single prior to the pandemic, she said her habits haven't changed much. While Corinna gets off on reading about ultra-famous boy band members, a New York City woman who wished to remain anonymous told me her spank bank is a folder of conversation screenshots.

While it's hard to pinpoint exactly when this folder started because some screenshots have been deleted, she guessed she's had it for a couple of years now. The screenshots are mostly sexts that she's had with former lovers, though one person is someone she met through an app that she never met in-person. When I asked her if her habits have changed given the pandemic — especially because she's in New York, the American epicenter of the crisis — she sent me this meme:. Patrick, a year-old in Jersey City, told me that he has three separate "banks": the Calculator app, which at first glance is just a calculator app but is a password-protected photo vault.

The second is the hidden album on his phone. Similar to Patrick, Oscar keeps porn on an app as well, called Secure Folder. Patrick's third bank? Patrick has been keeping these "banks" for four years, starting when a girlfriend sent nudes and he needed a place to store them, but didn't want to keep them in his phone's usual photo album.

Then he started saving gifs on the hidden folder when he discovered Reddit was a treasure trove of porn. The hidden folder on his iPhone is Patrick's most-used bank, given that he can't update Calculator anymore and he doesn't update the Evernote bookmarks list often. While Patrick looks at porn more often during the pandemic given that other aspects of his life are on hold, he hasn't been masturbating more. Also, the pandemic isn't exactly sexy. Patrick's not alone; while some people find they're especially horny in these times, it's also completely normal for desire to plunge.

And Patrick's not the only person I spoke to who had similar sentiments. A man in Los Angeles who asked to remain anonymous told me that sometimes, as of late, he can't finish. Six months ago, before the coronavirus took hold, the LA resident went a step beyond the others and bought a separate iPad specifically for housing porn. The purpose is to keep porn — lots of video tabs — separate from work and family chats and s. Not only does having a separate, porn-specific device allow him to keep it separate from work and family, but he said it also keeps him productive.

Whether it's an alt Twitter, a password-protected app, or a fresh iPad, it's clear that one's spank bank choices are individual and catered to one's specific needs and tastes. Even during a pandemic, the year-old Urban Dictionary entry remains relevant. Social Good. What's in your vault? View this post on Instagram. How to verify your Tinder profile Get that coveted blue tick.

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Us sexdating in Banks

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