Trusting god in difficult times

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Do you always understand the path God is leading? Today, as we continue in our Day Fast on being still and knowing God more, we will explore a question. Did you find this day Fast to learn How to Be still mid-series? God often le me into situations that are too hard to handle on my own. Often I have no choice but to trust God with everything in my life. He leaves me in seasons that are insane for way longer than I would prefer — so long that I grow weary and want to quit.

Can you relate? What I really dream of is a peaceful, self-sufficient life. The end of a fairy-tale without all the drama in the beginning. Nowhere in scripture does God promise us a happily ever after, fairy-tale Christian life.

He lets me lie down in green pastures; He le me beside the still and quiet waters. The context of Psalm 23 is critical to understand how to apply it in our lives. This is another Psalm written by David and I find it inspiring that a man who suffered so much is our main source of learning how to be still.

I am in the middle of a Bible Study by Jennifer Rothschild called Psalm The Shepherd with Me and am finding it fascinating to slow down and think through what it means that Jesus is our Good Shepherd and we are His needy, skittish, easily anxious sheep. Do you think of yourself as needy and easily anxious? Observations from Psalm 23 show a theme that comforts me. Needing God is actually okay. God deed us to need HIM! Understanding the truth and the roles as God created them is helpful to get us to trust Him more fully!

Trusting God in hard times is not easy. But letting go of the need for control and trusting God comes more easily when we understand our roles! Why do we do take control or take the throne? When you take the Shepherds jobs is it really to help Him? Or if you look deeper is it a bid at control mutiny for being the god of my own life? Confession of a control freak. It is hard to be dependent on others for anything. I hate to trust others to care for my needs. Leaving the chance of something being done wrong open kills me. Guilty, I micromanage most things in life… even God. That is sin anyway I look at it.

God, in His divine planning, gives us situations that are harder than we can handle. Why does God put us through hard times? Maybe so we learn to depend on Him more fully? I only know that the more difficult life is, the more I have to depend on God.

What about you? Some of the best things in my life came through hard seasons. My children are a great example of that. Labor and delivery were excruciating! Blessings came from those painful hours. The applications from Psalm 23 is that it is hard for all of us to trust God when we are set on understanding God.

You see, life has been hard and I wrestle with how to trust a God who allowed so much hurt in my past. When I come face to face with a need in my life I have this inward debate… maybe you can relate. Why does God let bad things happen to Christian people walking with Him? Can I really trust God with my needs this time? What God says about difficult times is that they will come! Hard seasons come and we can face them while trusting Him with these 3 steps.

The Sheep just needs to accept the leadership of the shepherd. Understanding the path will not help us follow it. Obeying and following the guiding hand of the Good Shepherd is all we need to successfully navigate any path of life. Get the idea that life should be comfortable and easy out of your head. True faith is trusting God in difficult times without understanding God or His plan. Why can we trust God our Good Shepherd when life is hard?

Because His rod and staff protect us, guide us and comfort us. Because God is trustworthy, He has been faithful and He will continue to be faithful! My little story is just a small part of the big story of God. Praying these three things over their lives is a powerful way to help them through a difficult season. Pray that God will open their eyes to accept their role, embrace the truth and realize the bigger story! Forgive me for doubting, complaining and becoming anxious as the path le me through the valley of the shadow of death.

This road has been long and hard and I am weary. Take back control, I surrender it to You… again. You are the Shepherd. I am the sheep. I need You. Today I am tired of how hard things are and struggling to see past this trial. Open my eyes to see You guiding me, protecting me and providing for me. Thank You for always being faithful even when I stray from the path.

Take this life, use it in Your bigger story to bring You glory and shine salvation to the lost world. Look through some of those and see that in scripture there are many short prayers for hard times! People of faith spent a lot of time praying for the impossible to be possible. We could learn a lot from their example. Definitely something I struggle with but applying the 23rd Psalm to our lives can certainly help us.

I love the breakdown and application. Struggling right along with you over here Kristal! I agree it can help… whew but living it is harder said than done. Tiffany, this is such a great and thorough treatise of Psalm I so love the Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not lack anything. Thanks again, Amy. One of my favorite verses about being still before the Lord is Psalm Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted over the earth.

Stop working so hard, stop trying so hard because He is God and He will be exalted. Great post as always , Tiffany! Thanks Heather! I really find it difficult to understand when I am allowed to act on something and not just wait, David did not pray Goliath dead he had to make a decision, put in the work, not stand in the corner and wait.

I really do struggle to be still in hard times, but thank you for the reminder of the bigger picture. I agree, Bianca. There is a crazy hard tension there. When do we just pray? When do we act? God does tell us to act — often. He gives us direction and expects us to move forward in it… but I often find it hard to tell what He said unless I am prayed up and have been in the Bible often… often enough to recognize His voice.

Praying over you in this tension — that you will clearly hear the direction He is giving you and have the faith to step out in it. Thank you for the amazing article. Rarely did I find such honest and thorough explanation. Thank you. Praying now, David. God is faithful and can work miracles… Standing with you for them today.

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Trusting god in difficult times

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Are You Trusting God in Difficult Times When You Don’t Understand?