Top music 2013 list

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Yes, the tallies for different songs between 19 Paste writers and editors made it hard to trim this list down. But notably, has been a great year for music—especially the single. Or take note of how a few newcomers like Haim and Lorde covered the worldwide quota for sugary hooks alone. When The Dismemberment Plan returned with its first album in over a decade, the band stepped back with all the wry charm it was known for. But what sets Uncanney Valley aside from earlier Plan releases was its musical directness, which sees the band trading off-kilter time atures and hot-wired synths for straightforward rhythms and slide guitar.

The foursome delivers a primal tribute to female empowerment that drives on with a no-holds-barred intensity. In the land of countless bland late-night performances, Bradford Cox and co. This was a banner year for breakout artist Waxahatchee aka Katie Crutchfield. After playing in several other projects P. Elliot, The Ackleys with her twin sister Allison, the two parted ways to pursue separate endeavors. Both are now ed to U. With a video just shy of million views and inspiring almost as many parodies, angry think-pieces and listicles, Thicke completely saturated popular culture in Say what you will about Dr.

And the brilliant chord changes make it worth passing on. The music brightens and spiral inverts, pointing up to something more. A few months have probably done King Krule some good. Now that audiences have gotten over the initial shock of finding out that lanky year-old Londoner Archy Marshall was the bellowing baritone known as King Krule, tracks from his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon stand even stronger on their own merits.

Parquet Courts were there this year to feed our need for reverb-laden stoner tunes. In fact, the bar was so high that no feature-heavy track has yet to dethrone it 11 months later. Yeah Yeah Yeahs returned this year with one their most polarizing records to date. While the clear radio single on Dale Earnhardt Jr. Cayucas provided us with a perfect California pop album to take us back to our teenage years with their debut, Bigfoot. It follows a tale of friend-zoning and heartache between frontman Zach Yudin and some girl named Elizabeth. Think of it as a more enjoyable way to reminisce about that girl or boy from high school that you were always too scared to express your true feelings to.

He may be the coolest cat to come out of Philadelphia since Wilt Chamberlain. Beginning with a staccato synth riff, the rest of the song is followed by broad, powerful harmonies. Play the guessing game all day where the immaculate, liquid-sauna production is stolen from: Luther Vandross meets Toto? The English duo of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence gave fans a refreshing dance record to make some noise in the over-saturated market of house DJs and electronic producers. In the wake of a heart-wrenching divorce, Josh Ritter has given us one of the best kiss-off songs of all time.

The true litmus test is whether a modern take on the classics can hold your attention, or makes you immediately reach for your Transformer record. Foxygen wins. This time. After her label considered postponing its release even further, M. The best? The song sounds comfortable, even effortless, delivered naturally and without the labor that much of the recent output from The National seems to require.

The more difficult songs are commendable for the band being unwilling to settle into their comfort zone, but as Berninger shouts out Nirvana and The Beatles in this cut, the impossible task of ing that company seems closer when The National are on the road more travelled. It gets an appropriately steroidal backing of hyper drum rolls, blocky piano and off-the-rails guitar soloing with a couple harpsichord breaks only to give the aggression a place to charge back in. Sadie Dupuis tells the story of a later-in-life friendship, a al of hope for those who might be moving away from grade-school pals or those eyeball-deep in depression.

Fans of the L. Sharing mic duties to lament their botched attempt to stay friends, the three are left to commiserate, shrug their shoulders and move along. Because in the end, it felt right. This two-minute power-pop miracle is what rock and roll, and maybe art itself, was put on Earth to do: to defy death.

As if to demonstrate why this is a good thing, McCaughan gives the song his sweetest, simple distillation of melody ever. Branching out further musically and lyrically, we find a Vampire Weekend bringing a more confident, perhaps more mature, take to their songs. Essentially, it takes a personal experience, highly specific, and delivers it with such universal warmth and direct language that it is not difficult to decode, but no less smart or poetic. And better yet, the sentiment is packaged as a Dire Straits or Bruce Springsteen song, giving the period piece a little extra nudge of authenticity.

If you were looking toward the big stage for the best hook crafter of , you should have been keeping your ear to garages of Southern California. If Funeral was introverted it was, after all, inspired by the deaths of family members , then Neon Bible and The Suburbs were markedly the opposite.

The band tinkered with that big, booming sound, adding nuance without losing scope. With the fizziness of an Alka-Seltzer hitting water, Daft Punk returned with this slice of straight-up, no apologies dance music circa And taking on that task is almost as admirable as accomplishing it, which he also does by turning his pain into a universal experience—but one that never ceases being distinctly personal. Strings swell, making it an elegant refusal to be shamed. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Also from Best Songs. Also in Music.

Top music 2013 list

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