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The tradition of celebrating romantic love on Valentine's Day developed as early as the 14th century. There are many stories about the real origin. But no matter why this day exists, it should be celebrated properly. And so that you have a suitable gift, we have once looked around, what is offered in Berlin. Tip: Give your favorite person an unforgettable Berlin moment - with an individual gift voucher from visitBerlin. They're back: the Kiezhelden boxes , now also for Valentine's Day. The Kiezhelden put together beautiful packages for you, with selected products from small shops and manufactures in Berlin.

Lovingly packaged, they can be ordered in three sizes and contain sweets, something to nibble on, freshly ground coffee, a delicious jam or honey, a drink and other specialities from small Berlin manufactories. You can pick up the box in person or have it sent to you.

The proceeds go exclusively to the participating manufactories. A nice Valentine's idea. Flowers should not be missing on Valentine's Day. Whether roses, tulips, lilies or beautiful arrangements, flowers bring colour to your home and joy to your heart. The delivery and collection service from Blumen Koch is happy to help. If you order by 10 a. When: Monday - Friday, 8. Blumen Koch. Chocolates and chocolate are always a good idea for Valentine's Day. It's a great way to make those special moments even sweeter. Many chocolate shops deliver the sweet seduction directly to your door.

Let us inspire you with our ultimate chocolate tips. Chocolate in Berlin: 11 ultimate tips for chocolate addicts. Jewellery: a Valentine's Day classic , but no less romantic for that. Beautiful trend jewellery is available from the Berlin brand Tomshot. Handmade in a Berlin studio, the filigree and romantic pieces of jewellery will be sent to you.

All you have to do is choose them - or have them chosen. And another classic: perfume. Ms Toni's fragrance creations captivate with beguiling scents: as tangy as the forest, as warm as the earth, as fresh as the sea air and as sweet as a bouquet of flowers. Filled in bottles, you can give your sweetheart a fragrance set of your choice or an individual collection for him and her. Frau Tonis Parfum. Or how about an original accessory? Fundamental Berlin offers unusual de from fragment ornaments to candle holders and photo frames. They experiment with new methods and play with patterns and colours.

You're sure to find a Valentine's gift with a difference. Fundamental Berlin. You can find even more great accessories to give as gifts in the Slowfashion Store. Here you can give sustainable gifts. Since , the store has only worked with brands that are transparent and authentic. So you can be sure that only sustainable materials are used and that ethically responsible production is behind it.

You can order online and pick up the Valentine's gift in the shop. And another beautiful, individual, special, meaningful and sweet gift for all those who like to give sustainable gifts. Maybe your sweetheart is already enthusiastic about the subject anyway, then you can take on a symbolic sponsorship for a bee colony in an apiary and give it as a gift. In return, you will receive honey and exciting information about bees.

Citybienen Berlin. The two founders of the Berlin label Und Gretel have put a lot of thought into the topic of sustainable cosmetics. Their secret: intense colours and long-lasting adhesion based on natural ingredients. Because even if you want to be beautiful, you don't have to compromise on sustainability. You're sure to find something nice for Valentine's Day here, too. Und Gretel. For all those who like to make something themselves , you are sure to find the right gift for your sweetheart at themakery.

In keeping with the motto: The way to a person's heart is through his stomach, Bake Night is offering hearty new baking classes for Valentine's Day. Under the guidance of a baking professional directly from your own kitchen, you can create something suitable for your loved one: Love Letter Cookies, Red Velvet Cupcakes or even Heart Macarons. And don't forget the Valentine's Day special for couples : interactive online baking courses with guaranteed success.

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Tips for valentine gift

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