Tips for a good relationship

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Instead, try to tell them what you love about them and all the things they do that you appreciate. When you talk to your partner do you really listen? Improve the quality of how you really listen and both of you benefit. Learn to argue well. It may sound odd, but if you find a non-damaging way to resolve difficulties it will futureproof your relationship. Got something tricky to talk about? Give your relationship the same care you give your car or your health with an annual relationship MOT or health check.

Talk about what you want from your relationship now and in the future. Every relationship is unique and no relationship is perfect. Define who does what based on your strengths and preferences and avoid the pressure to conform to gender norms. Push your internal boundaries occasionally — hold hands in the cinema or talk to workmates about your weekend.

Create celebrations for your milestones whatever those are — coming out, starting hormones, moving in together. Sexuality can be fluid and change over time. Spice it up, dress in separate locations for a night out, if you want to take this further try meeting in a restaurant for a meal as if you were on a date. You may think you know them all but people change and so do their preferences. No two people have the same sexual desires, histories and tastes. Love your partner for their uniqueness rather than seeing their differences as threatening.

Sex is part of intimacy but there are a lot more ways to be intimate than just being sexual. If things are feeling stale ask yourself what is intimate for you and your partner and strive for that. Understand the difference between celebrating the end of an argument with sex and using sex as a bandage.

Start having time together alone and focus on kissing and cuddling to begin with without the pressure of full intercourse. Give your children lots of praise — they will remember it long after they forget what they got for Christmas. When you feeling like killing your teenager give them a big hug.

Remember you were a teenager once. Remember to appreciate the people you see every day, the little routines you have and the daily company of your family. The small stuff is really the big stuff. Tell them clearly and balance this with making time to listen. Sometimes sharing your misspent youth can be helpful. Acknowledge this and maybe laugh at the inconsistency!

You can love each other without always having to like what your family members do. Let your kids teach you something new from their world. Bonding with your in-laws sometimes takes some effort. Your parents may be a strong influence on you now but as an adult you can choose how far you let that influence impact on how you live. You may win a workplace argument but your relationship could suffer — ask yourself what matters more.

Make an effort to connect with at least some people you work with. Colleagues may not be your friends, but you spend enough time with them for the effort to be worth it. If workplace gossip and moaning is starting to sap your energy, then pull back from it as it can be contagious.

Bullying and harassment are serious issues that can make work a misery. Speak to someone it could be a manager, HR, a union rep or using your workplace whistleblowing policy. Be a workplace mentor or coach for someone less experienced in the workplace. Strive for balance between — who talks and who listens, who is the shoulder to cry on, and who takes responsibility for initiating getting together.

We may feel extra connected when we have things in common, but we learn most when we have differences so try to embrace them as chances to stretch ourselves and grow. There are no right and wrongs with friendships, some people have only one or two close friends, others have a big group and some have different friends for different parts of their lives.

Our time is precious and we need to spend it with those who matter most to us. With busy lives things can drift. We have never had more ways to keep in touch and to reach out. Misunderstandings that are not resolved can fester and can even destroy friendships. Friends can be a great support when times are tough but make sure you can follow through on what you offer, this might mean not being too ambitious with your offers, better to be realistic and be able to do what you say.

Ask yourself if you know someone who is lonely or who you think may be. Consider how you can share your friendliness with other people who would value a listening ear, a laugh or someone to have a cry with. Many local charities welcome people to befriend different groups of people who can really benefit from your friendliness.

Own your life. Have compassion when you go things wrong, be kind to yourself, and be proud and treat yourself when you do well. Do you see yourself as someone prone to depression, stress or anxiety? You can turn this around with the right help. See every setback as a chance to learn and develop. Develop a habit of appreciating and noticing positives. Every night note down three things that were good about the day, even the getting a seat on the bus would count!

Within a few weeks, you will have created a list of things to help on low days and will have picked up a great noticing habit. Find a way to have a quiet space with yourself that works for you — you may want to meditate or do yoga or just leave your phone at home when you walk the dog. You are the best expert on you. Are you a giver who will sacrifice yourself to be there for everyone else? An exhausted, stressed and overly busy you will not be much good for anyone in the end. Push yourself outside your comfort zone, even in little ways whenever you can.

Going a step further - learn to overcome your fears. Our fears represent areas for growth and development. Practice mindfulness. Even small mindful things, like focusing on your breathing, can be hugely beneficial to centering yourself and delivering a tangible feeling of calm. You are here Home Relationship help Help with relationships Making your relationship stronger 80 relationship tips. Family Work Friendships You

Tips for a good relationship

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What makes a healthy relationship?