Ti daughter dating chris brown

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Contents: Hai trovato interessante l'articolo? PICS: T. Black celebrities need to wake the hell up and stop letting them just point Chris out all the damn time,.. What father or even mother would say YES to that question? I'm sure even the shittiest of d wouldn't want their daughter to be with a man like them.

It's Shade Chris Brown Day! Real Husbands of Hollywood. Relationship with Rihanna 'was sort of like Romeo and Juliet ' ". I'm eternally thankful for you being in a part of my life. However, the main thought on everyone's mind was, "What does Karrueche think about this? The singer fathered a baby girl with year old model Nina Guzman-Amey. Retrieved August 24, Milky where u been?? I wouldn't let my daughters date either one of them. T mother fucking I What a bitch ass, the question should have been if they would date a country bumkin that has 3 baby momas with a diseased dick like him.

No father or mother in their right minds would want their daughter to be with a man like Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn either, Sometimes I dont like T. I's hood philosopher quotes. Like when he said he wanted to keep his son's off the corner selling drugs and daughters out the strip club. Ppl were acting like that was the realest shit Jesus ever spoke.

But we know how T. He still fucks with the dope boys and if it wern't for rap he'd still be doing the same trifling shit proudly He and Tiny go to DOA as part of a romantic escapade away from the kids. So sometimes his quotes are null and void due to his actions. And I know Tiny's submissive ass has gotten a tap or two in her throat. I dont know to what extent but you can tell T. Not calling him abusive.

But I can see him giving certain situations a pass where he might condone an altercation. I can def see him as mentally abusive. Making someone feel small or dumb. He has a way with words and his tone is condescending. Damn what was wrong with what he said? Joy Behar asked T. Tip responded almost immediately with a resounding "Absolutely not. He didn't come off shady to me. So some of you expect black people to defend Chris Brown just because he is black? Where was this compassion for Ike Turner?

Miss me with that: Either way he loses. So sick of folks coming to CB's aide like he deserves it. It amazes me that on a board with supposedly "proud" black women that a lot of black women on here defend and expect others to defend this fool I but he needs to have a plethora of seats. What do you think of the name Heiress Harris? Seriously, let it go. Tiny has a daughter named Zonnique from a relationship. He never smiles on pics with Tiny but I do believe he loves her dearly.

Deyjah does look very sad. I think Tiny got plastic surgery when in fact she should have left it alone. Every battle is NOT for you and most of them, you are losing. The military has great benefits, Charles. Tweet Pin Rapper T. Congratulations to the family! This is what someone posted to him. Woman gets the surprise of her life in the delivery room In case you missed it, T.

I wonder what type of Sweet 16 Zo will have. Is Spellcheck a foreign program to you?! I picture him with someone the complete opposite of her. But it did not work, and since the army is just as homophobic as any KKK sect, now you feel alone, dissatisfied with your life, outcasted, repressed, oppressed, and more than likely, depressed. Did she abandon you? Tiny, 40, announced the name by posting this sweet photo of her "newest Blessing" as T. Heck I would call her my Situation too. And you obviously lack an extensive vernacular because every single post is expletive-laden for no reason.

Maybe they are upgrading it again. Before you go, check out our slideshow below: Charles- Seriously, enough is enough. The Box. Now Playing!

Ti daughter dating chris brown

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Is ti daughter dating chris brown