Things a woman should never say to a man

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Usually, women are the ones who have a reputation for being sensitive when words are involved. They are the ones in whose presence you have to be careful not to say something that they might misinterpret. Have you ever noticed a sudden change on their faces from happy mode to sad or irritated mode? Stay tuned and check out some of the things you might have been saying wrong. If your man is trying hard to succeed in something and fails, you should never tell him he sucks straight up to his face. Try to find a more appropriate and more subtle way of telling him that. You should never, ever say something like this.

Under no circumstances should you compare your current boyfriend to your ex. In essence, you should never compare him to anybody except if you are complimenting him. Whatever dispute you have to solve with him, leave it for the private moments. They all strive to be macho-protector-sexy men who sweep women off their feet.

They are not idiots. They can see that something is bothering you from the look on your face. Tell them what the problem is and perhaps you can solve it together. In these situations, make things easier for him and yourself by just saying you are not interested in seeing him and do it quickly—like pulling off a band-aid. Your guy has left his comfort zone and he has done something amazing for you.

Just put yourself in his skin and imagine how you would feel. To be honest, no man has ever said to his woman which outfit he likes better, only which outfit he thinks she likes better. They will try to guess which one you like better just to avoid the arguing that follows if he says the wrong answer. They will love you no matter what you wear. Try to play this out differently. Their strength, that patriarch attitude, and knowing they are the caretakers of their women is what keeps them happy and satisfied. You know you have the control, and maybe even he knows it too, but let him have the feeling they are the one who is taking care of you.

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Things a woman should never say to a man

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