Sytycd jacque and zack dating

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A whopping four dancers' dreams are deterred but not destroyed tonight as SYTYCD takes a midseason turn for the prolific. Wow, what a show! But with all that glorious, glorious dancing, also came the pain of four dancers having to go home at the end of the night. What if America voted incorrectly this week? Oh, also Rudy and Jacque are dating. Did you know that Rudy and Jacque are dating?

What is happening there? Christina Applegate was on hand as guest judge tonight to critique, fangirl, remind us of the power of dance, and occasionally tell the boys when their nipples were showing. Clearly, it was a fun show, but that double elimination was ever looming, and as always, Cat got right down to terrifying the Bottom 6 before they had to perform three different dances: Serge , Teddy , Casey , Emily , Jessica , and Carly.

The was spirited and unique, but Bridget and Emilio were dancing it on two very different emotional and physical planes. She said Emilio mostly did that, and she is mostly right. I think Tanisha could seduce a napkin, and probably take it by surprise with her effortlessness every single time, but Rudy was also especially connected here. This music was a lot , but it was a campy dance with a campy vampire premise, and Jacque and Zack attacked the hell out of it. Emily and Teddy actually started off really strong and kind of lost their way halfway through. That song!

That wind! Those lifts! The kiss! The judges all agreed that the new pair found their chemistry impressively quickly and sent shock waves of sweetness throughout the audience with this truthful and organic love story. Brenda Boykin. But at least they had a memorable exit, with that final tunnel and spin to the floor. I tease about all the praise that Ricky gets only because he earns every bit of it, week after week. Bottom 6 Elimination : I was glad to have the solos back tonight, but in the end, it was the partnered performances that decided the fate of Serge , Carly , Emily , and Teddy , perhaps unjustly, depending on whom you ask.

Do you think the right dancers went home tonight in the double elimination? Which pairings are you most eager to see switch it up? And, after an upswing in content in the last two episodes, are you excited about this Top 10?

Sound off in the comments, and as always, please use extreme caution when throwing one of your friends 40 feet through the air to two of your other friends while depicting lost souls of the sea. Save FB Tweet More. Credit: FOX. TV Show. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image. In Season.

Sytycd jacque and zack dating

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'SYTYCD' Or Love Connection?