Super junior dating 2016

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Lee Hyuk-jae is better known by the stage name of Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk is very emotional in nature. His childhood friends call him as crybaby. From childhood Eunhyuk is very shy. Now Eunhyuk loves to eat though he has stomach aching problem. The couple broke up because of a single incident. They broke up after 2 years of relationship. In a celebrity show Eunhyuk acknowledged that they are dating from the hosting of a music program. Eunhyuk also said that they are chatting between them secretly.

Kim Hyo-yeon was also closed with Seohyun. A lot of whispering had come from different journals that,soon they are going to be married. It is said that Gina Jane Choi was one of the ex-girlfriend of Eunhyuk. NA is the stage name of Gina Jane Choi. She is a Canadian song writer, singer But an an actress based on South Korea. This happened in the year of She was unknown trainee. She was not famous during this period of time.

She too had a career to be a singer belonging to five members crew. Their first debut was withheld due to some reasons. So her name was not known to anyone in that field. The news says they were dating for many years but their relationship was broken naturally. She too went to states to develop her career. They were not in touch again for a long time. Though together they were seen in a press meeting. On that time G. NA was the trainee of Cube Entertainment. On march , G. NA made an announcement that she is leaving Cube entertainment. Eunhyuk neither confirmed nor denied the fact about love.

This attitude doubted the fans to believe it might be true. Choi soo-young is the full name of south Korean singer Sooyoung. He told that while he saw Sooyoung,he felt that she is the prettiest member of the groups.

He also remembered some good memories of the training day. Some Fans said that they had love at first sight. IU was one of the girlfriend of Eunhyuk. Actually it was not public but it was confirmed when she ed a private photo in social media. It was done by mistake but by the time she could get back the photo it was reposted by her followers. Lee Ji-eun is better known by the stage name as IU. The scandal begins while IU posted a photo on twitter herself with shirtless Eunhyuk.

This incident made IU to feel sorry for her actions. Really she was disappointed by her attitude. She confessed her innocence but this thread brought a great issue among the fans. Atlast she delivered the statement to put an end to this issue. Requested the fans not to overact on the gossips which was spreading at that time. Though it was a sensitive issue on that time, but Eunhyuk underestimated that matter with his fans support.

That means that ideal girl must be cute. Emma Watson is his most favourite ideal type girl. But in some interview he also claims that he is a big fan of actress Kim Bomi. Sometimes,Eunhyuk also said about her bright smile. Sometime Eunhyuk seemed to be easily lied. He thinks that voluble type girl is enough to ruin his life.

He wants the girl to be shy. He also said that the girl must have some glamour that will appeal him. Eunhyuk said in a reality show that,he is not on the support of anti-marriage activity, but he prefers relationship rather than marriage since he got hurted by the rumour spread regarding the marriage and pregnancy of IU. He also said he will marry only when he find any girl who resembles his ideal type. But he strongly supports the fact that,he will not marry without his parents consent. He had said also a lot of funny facts regarding marriage in front of media.

Such as he said,marriage is a treasure things,comes from love, inspired by mutual interaction. Basically,Eunhyuk is on the side of positive thinking about marriage. Eunhyuk prefers a natural place for dating. He wants to give a ring to the girl as the first sight of their dating. If suddenly rain comes,the dating situation will tremendously change,he thinks. He wants to share his belief, thoughts about life,future plan with the girl on that day.

But Eunhyuk wants some restrictions for revealing some secret facts to his girlfriend. His another wish in the dating situation is, he will judge the according to his accessibility. Apart from dating in a recent interview he had shared his ideal situation for love propose. He recalled a scene from his acting career where he wants to propose a girl at bedside while she was in sleep.

He added to this that by doing such a proposal ensures sincerity, wholeheartedness of love towards the girl. By this way he can exhibit his trust to her. Eunhyuk has a lot of fans around the world. His fans supports his relationship with Kim hyo-yeon. When the rumor spread regarding their marriage, fans said their decision is perfect. Fans are also rebellious in some issue. This news was fully false. Fans seems to be very upset due to that IU issues. They were posting bad comments against IU in social media.

Fans also supported his relationship with Sooyoung. Dream high , Iam, attack on th Pin-up boys. He was not much involved in acting. He concentrated more on debut and stage shows. He sang many songs rather than dramas.. Soon before the release of Bonamana he was diagnosed for H1N1 infleunza he was pulled out of it for a while and later ed with the crew again. Saturday night, symphony,breaking up, wonderland,lights camera action,hello, Mr. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Close Menu Sample .

Super junior dating 2016

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