Songs that mean something to you

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Home » Genuinely Random Musings » My top ten songs that mean something to me. So this is one of my more personal and once again completely random posts. I know, I just did it again. Anyway, this post is about none of the above for now. I decided to take a walk down a more personal road, while avoiding spilling my diary out all over the web.

I know everyone connects to music. Everyone has one or two or several songs that mean something to them. Is it the lyrics? Do they describe your life now? Or was it playing at a ificant moment of your life? Or does it just remind you of someone, in all their glory or obscenity? Most are sad and depressing. I am not depressed, I would like to state that now. They really take me back to that part of my life. Also I should probably point out, I use sad songs or songs that reflect my mood to get it out of my system.

To bring about the thoughts and the tears to stop myself from packing it at the back of my head. I find it cathartic. For some of the songs I put brief descriptions, for others I just wrote lyrics for a tiny bit of discretion. Bit of embarrassment on my part I guess. Maybe one day. Or if you have anything to say about my choices please feel free to comment. Pingback: How personal is too personal?

Great post! I love those songs! Music soothes the savage beast and the not so savage beast as well. I was surprised and pleased by 5 as it can be very polarizing, especially around Irish musicians here in the states. First time on your site, Thanks for your insights, Cheers, Brian. Thanks for your comment, Brian. Glad you enjoyed the post. Feel free to look around at my other posts. Glad you approve of my song choices. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google . You are commenting using your Twitter . You are commenting using your Facebook .

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Songs that mean something to you

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5 Songs That Mean A Lot To Me