Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

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This is the whole essence of this article. We have given the meaning and translation in Hindi and Marathi languages. It is one of the famous quotes by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Its sequel was also a bestseller in He also wrote other inspiration books like P.

His books are translated into more than 30 languages, you will often find his quotes on blogs greeting cards and even in fortune cookies. There can be various possibilities for hearts versus eyes scenario. Sometimes eyes represent logic and heart represent emotions. The same way we can have different combinations like conscious vs subconscious, physical vs psychological, fact vs intuitions or guts etc. Here in this essay, we are talking about reality vs emotions, beliefs. We will always find people of both nature, some are practical, hides their emotions.

On the contrary, some are far away from logic and reality and take decisions based on guts and personal, social or religious belief. In both cases, people are shaped by their past experiences, present suffering and future worries. A person who is practical in life thinks more about logic before emotions must have gone through a difficult time with emotions.

They might not have the ability to handle and cope with emotional situations. Over the time emotional burden takes over then and end of the day either they get traumatized by the constant pressure of emotional failure or they hit the rock bottom and bounce back to life. This time they are ready to face life right on, but they might not choose emotional approach towards life. It can be a good or a bad thing too. It all depends on person to person, there is no golden rule. Practical people can face problem in life because of the absence of emotions.

Human is a social animal, we need people around us. In some sense people around us completes us. When we are young we like to independent, free and sometimes rebels to for the freedom. But with age, we feel need to have someone with us, someone whom we can trust, to be dependant on.

And to get such people or to be that person you need to do things which may or may not sound practical. On contrary, most of the time emotional people go through the different experience in life than practical people. There can be two here. One that had all practical and rational approach towards life and later becomes emotional beings after not achieving what they thought can be achieved with the logical and practical approach.

They believe in their intuition or guts. These decisions may sound impractical and one cannot find a rational reason behind it, but they deal with life that way. They tend to be more caring, emotional, supporting and understanding than their other counterparts. One might succeed in life with the hardcore practical approach and one might struggle. Practical people give more importance to logic and debunk the emotions.

But life is a strange thing it cannot be just one, life is a combination of a lot of things where you got to be sharp and sometimes fool too. When it comes to relationships you got to think with eyes and heart too. You got to earn money well enough to take care of family and the same time you need to be there for them when there is a problem when they need your support; money can not fill in for all situations.

Your kids may want you to be with them for no reason, toys is not all they want. They need both, plenty of toys and occasional hugs too. There is no winner here, one can be a winner only if both hearts and eyes go hand in hand. One needs to be emotional and practical, sharp too, this combination is not impossible. When it comes to facing the life struggles, financial arrangements we need to plan things, organize stuff. But sometimes we need to take time for life, parent, wife, husband, kids, and friends. Everyone brings different values and experiences in our life we need to learn from them and use it to the best.

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Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

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“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes”