Something hot and intense

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Fill your serving cups with hot water to keep them warm while you prepare the drink. Leave the potatoes in the foil and tuck them into hot coals. During the interview, Filippi was preparing for a race on a searing- hot track in Berlin in the middle of a heat wave. The Vampire Diaries sets an unrealistic precedence for both magical creatures and teenage hot ness in small town America.

On the show, she was the epitome of Marilyn Monroe hot ness, but subbed loud belches for breathy coos—and then laughed about it. Pair her hot ness with her salty mouth, and she will make a great comic or host in the vein of Sarah Silverman or Jenny McCarthy. On very rare occasions he had described it in the eyes of his dark-eyed heroines, and never without a hot ness in his own.

Then a flurried toilet, and a difficult, for the man especially; but hot ness of desire breeds dexterity. The air was pleasantly cool here, and had lost the dead hot ness that brooded over the higher ground. Then the sensation of hot ness began again and increased until Burl's skin was reddened and inflamed. There was something distasteful to him about the naked, raw hot ness of a newly-lighted cigar-tip. In addition to the idioms beginning with hot. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! Chiefly British Informal.

See synonyms for hot on Thesaurus. See antonyms for hot on Thesaurus. The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo. Take the quiz! Idioms about hot. Also all hot and bothered. Origin of hot before ; —25 for def. Words related to hot tropical , humid , scorching , blazing , sizzling , boiling , torrid , warm , sweltering , heated , white , sultry , red , sharp , spicy , fierce , intense , stormy , popular , fresh.

How to use hot in a sentence Fill your serving cups with hot water to keep them warm while you prepare the drink. This cocktail can keep you warm around the fire pit — and you can make it there, too M. Carrie Allan November 20, Washington Post. The best ways to stop a mask from fogging up your glasses, ranked Sandra Gutierrez G.

November 18, Popular-Science. Some Persons Unknown E. A Christmas Garland Max Beerbohm. The Forgotten Planet Murray Leinster. Rough-Hewn Dorothy Canfield. Australian and NZ informal of a price, charge, etc excessive.

See also hots , hot up. Derived forms of hot hotly , adverb hotness , noun. In addition to the idioms beginning with hot hot air hot and bothered hot and heavy hot as blazes hot dog hot line hot hot off the press hot on hot potato hot rod hot seat, in the hot stuff hot to trot hot under the collar hot water.

Something hot and intense

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