Signs your partner doesn t love you anymore

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There are few things like knowing that the person you're with just wants to be with you. When you feel solid and reassured by the level of love and communication in your relationship. There's no worry or stress about getting ghosted or cheating and your only worry about your partner is whether or not they've noticed that you're actively building and expanding your wedding board on Pinterest. But sometimes, things take a turn and all of that reassurance and security can go out the door.

If something seems off, that's an issue. Your ificant other is supposed to love you and make that clear with communication and action. You shouldn't be up at night wondering if your partner actually likes you or you wasted all of those highly-inspired pins on the wrong person. Not only is this impolite, it's also a pretty clear, straightforward that someone's not really feeling you. Your ificant other should want to know how you're doing. They should ask you questions , maybe about your family, your job, or your beliefs, being sure to listen just as much as they speak.

They don't have to be Barbara Walters, but they should maintain a genuine interest in getting to know you. If you think they're at a loss for words, you can always spur the conversation or turn it into some sort of game. The key is interest, not so much the content or the topic. Seriously, it can be something that seems really boring, but as research has pointed out, "couples build intimacy through hundreds of very ordinary, mundane moments in which they attempt to make emotional connections. Having some alone time is great. We all need a little bit of time to ourselves, but it shouldn't feel as though you're the only one in your relationship.

Research has found that the more time couples spend together, the happier they are. If your ificant other either refuses to spend time with you or seems unhappy when you do spend time together, that's a big red flag. Obviously, sex should never be a requirement. Your partner might not be in the mood, they might want to wait, your sex drives are mismatched , or there might be a myriad of scenarios holding them back from getting intimate physically, none of which are bad or necessarily negative. That said, your partner should be willing to communicate their wants, desires, or their differences from you in the bedroom.

Intimacy without intercourse can mean having a deep talk, holding hands, going on fun dates, being physically close to one another, and opening up about your feelings. Deep talks? Going to the movies? Let's just stay in bed. Out to dinner? Let's sneak off to the bathroom.

If the only thing your ificant other wants to do is have sex then you have a problem. Though sexual chemistry and attraction are necessary for a lot of relationships, if your partner can't get anything accomplished beyond the bedroom, that's an issue. As PsychologyToday. That's not healthy. Reliability is one of the keys to trustworthiness, a major building block of a successful relationship, according to Forbes. A reliable partner won't ignore your texts, go without talking to you for days or leave you wondering if they'll show up, let alone have your back. If your partner can't be trusted to send a text or check in every now and then, they might have one foot out the door.

They don't need to be constantly alerting you, but if you need them or you can't locate them for long periods, that just might mean that you can't trust them with your feelings. As the old saying goes, labels are for soup cans. Maybe they're willing to discuss the future, but when they do, you're not included.

This could mean that you're dreaming of a wedding day with them as your other half … and they're just dreaming of a wedding. The end. If you're hoping to build something long-term, it's important that you plan a little bit together or be willing to cooperate and remain flexible. If your partner discusses their own future and doesn't imagine you as part of it then they're probably not planning on building a future with you.

This could mean marriage, kids, or even just your bucket list. But, if you and your partner think each others' bucket list wishes are crazy and don't have a place in the relationship — then this isn't 'the one. No matter who you are, you deserve to be with someone who thinks the very best of you and who treats you as such. According to Psychology Today , respect may be even more crucial in relationships than love. This means that your partner doesn't have to necessarily be in love with you at the moment, but they should at least, have respect for you.

If they make you feel taken for granted, belittle you, or question your work ethic, that's disrespectful and that's not who you want to spend your time with. In the end, if they're not into you enough to give you the decency of respect, they shouldn't occupy your time. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Louis Baragona. They don't ask about you or your life. They avoid spending time with you. They don't want to be intimate with you.

They ONLY want to be intimate with you. They disappear or ghost you for periods of time. They no longer include you in their future plans. Breakups Freelancer Evergreen story.

Signs your partner doesn t love you anymore

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4 s Your Partner Doesn’t Love You Anymore