Signs of being a rebound girl

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Maybe your mind is playing games with you. Not all rebound relationships are bad and short-lived. Rebound relationships can work, but it requires more time and effort to get through the recovery phase. Your boyfriend has no intention of hurting or using you. I know it sucks to be the rebound girlfriend.

So if you find yourself in a rebound relationship, assess the situation with the s below and see if you want to stay together. Sometimes, the mixed als from your boyfriend can drive you crazy. This is one of the biggest and blatant s of a rebound relationship. They are usually looking for companionship and ways to fill that void in their lives. So hang in there. And somewhat disrespectful when your boyfriend likes to compare you to his ex. No one likes to hear her boyfriend talk about their ex. You took me to a restaurant where you and your ex hang out a lot and now you want me to order the same dessert?

On the other hand, if your boyfriend brings up something about his ex early in the relationship, just let it slide. He just spent a few years close with someone, and all of his memories involve his ex. Trust me, it gets super weird when you are trying to cherish a moment with him when you know that this event took place with his ex. He says that I look like his ex or compares me to her. He shares a moment with me but shares a story of him and his ex.

Anything that relates to his ex liking something. He has pictures or objects from his ex in his house. Also, if your boyfriend is weird about talking about his ex and shuts down the conversation quickly, it could be something to be concerned about. Is your boyfriend posting photos of you two like an Instagram Influencer? Is he just way too active showing you off to the world? Generally, people who excessively display their relationship on social media are in reality insecure about their lives.

They need to show the world that they are happy. Especially when he says something witty to his ex that just sounds SO convenient. If this happens, let him know of his petty behavior and decide if you want to continue seeing him or not. Another way to put it is that your boyfriend is just looking for a casual and physical relationship. A little experimenting for you just means more experience for you to get the guy you want. But if you are one of those girls that like to see the relationship go somewhere, then this is a red flag.

He refuses to talk about emotions and how he feels about you and the relationship. Guys are just like that. All the serious talks about labeling the relationship and commitment, save it until your boyfriend is ready. Even better, let him initiate. But usually, this is just another example of someone hiding their troubles and refusing to deal with issues. Does your boyfriend complain about women or his ex a lot? In fact, I would address this issue to your boyfriend immediately or get out. In fact, it just puts more pressure on you trying to live up to his expectations. Another is that your boyfriend expects you to act a certain way.

The point is, your boyfriend thinks he can just replace one girl with another. Have you met his friends and family yet? After a few months of dating, you would expect to meet at least some of this friends now that you are part of his life. Are they surprised that your boyfriend is dating already? That should ring some alarm. His friends know him better than you do.

Whatever it is, go ahead and be upfront about the elephant in the room and see how they react. Be yourself and shine. You got nothing to lose but the chance to prove that you are the right woman for him. If you can do that, you got them on your side that will support you in the relationship. Does your boyfriend ever drive you crazy with his emotions? Sometimes, he even gets super depressed and forgets your existence. Give him the space he needs to work out the problems on his own. Sure, you should expect some romantic gestures from him.

I know, it sounds a bit unfair to you especially when your relationship is new and supposed to be exciting. But if you fall into a rebound relationship, you need to reroute your expectations and play the supportive role. And every night, you feel more and more distant to him. Perhaps this is his solution of going through the No Contact Rule with his ex.

But you need to trust your gut here. How severe and inconsiderate your boyfriend is treating you as a rebound girl. How much you like the guy. If you really want to make the relationship work with your boyfriend, you need to play along and help him realize that you are the right woman for him. Lean back, give him space and time. Be supportive and understanding. Men are as vulnerable as we are when they are in emotional pain. One thing to keep in mind is that men are loyal.

Now, I know some of you are trying to be nitpicky to find one small proof that you are the rebound girl. You know what I mean. One day you find your boyfriend wearing something that he said his ex likes and the next minute you are up in his face all jealous and mad about nothing.

A relationship can go many ways, and if your boyfriend is talking and hanging out with you daily, then he is enjoying his time with you. He shares his stories with you. He asks about you. Sure, you might find him spaced out occasionally thinking about his past. It happens. I mean, every single guy or girl at a bar can be coming from a breakup. Find out what your chances are of getting your ex back with this 2 minute quiz. Does he like you or is he just playing you? Which makes you the Rebound Girl. And it just happens that you came into the picture. Just Broke Up? Get my best tips on dealing with a breakup with this new guide.

Signs of being a rebound girl

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