Sex for married people

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Add kids and demanding jobs to the equation, and maintaining any sort of intimacy is a daunting task. But however hard it might be, it's important. Good sex can keep couples connected and content. And luckily there are tried and tested tips and strategies to help keep that spark alive. For advice, we turned to Cyndi Darnell , a sex therapist and relationship counselor in New York City. For over 40 years she's been helping couples straight, gay, polyamorous , you name it!

We also interviewed real women about how they maintain a healthy sex life with their partners we changed their names to respect their privacy. Here is everything you need to know. Meet the Expert. It's hard to know what a healthy sex life is. If you're having sex once a month, is that positive? What if you are only having sex a few times a year, but you and your partner are content?

Darnell says there is no one-size-fits-all definition for a healthy sex life. What is important is that you and your partner are happy and satisfied. If not, ask yourself, 'What would make it better for me? If you and your partner feel something is missing don't worry, says Darnell: "In my 20 years of sex therapy I have never met a sex problem that couldn't be resolved with kindness and education. When it comes to enjoying a healthy sex life, communication is everything. Talk to your partner about what you like, how much sex you want to have, even how and where you like to do it.

But remember, nothing can be resolved until it is discussed openly. Darnell recommends talking about sex when you're not in bed and not naked. That way the discussions will become a more regular, normal part of your life. Before you tell your partner what you like, you need to know yourself. Darnell encourages her clients to educate themselves about sex and find out what feels good. Watch porn. Talk about touch. Follow sexologists on Instagram for thousands of free tips daily.

You both need to feel safe in order to open up and keep your sex lives healthy. That means no judging yourself or your partner! There are hundreds of ways to have sex," explains Darnell. Do not as blame if your sex lives aren't going well. Many couples struggle with intimacy, and it's very normal. It also has nothing to do with how much you love each other and how committed you are to the relationship. You have to make it happen. If you are unsatisfied with your sex life you are far from alone. If you and your partner have tried to talk about your problems and it hasn't made things better or you are having trouble having the conversation altogether, you might want to seek professional help.

Ignoring the problems is a choice," she shares. Here is wisdom from two real-life women about how they keep intimacy alive in their marriages. As two working adults with stressful careers and young children, by the time we're done with work, feeding the kids, bath time, putting them to bed, we are mentally exhausted and maybe physically as well.

On the weekends there is always something going on with the kids or friends or family. For example, we realized we were just having sex once a week on weekends so we decided to have sex every Wednesday. It really allows us to get grounded as a couple and relax and focus on each other. We also schedule date nights once every two to three weeks.

We do things like give each small compliments. As cheesy as it sounds, you should continue to court each other. We try to communicate what we need to feel satisfied sexually. For example, my husband likes to experiment with sex toys on me, and I like to have sex with him while watching porn. It's spiced up our sex life.

Whatever excitement exists when you are dating, engaged and then in early marriage has to be replaced by a more purposeful decision to prioritize your relationship. I think a lot of it is making sure you still feel sexy and think about sex. If sex doesn't remain a top-of-mind priority I think it's easy to ignore it and forget its importance.

I think we all expect immediate attraction to our partner to do the work for us, but long-term relationships obviously don't work like that after the first few years. For women it's often more of a mental game than anything else, so you need to figure out what gets you in the mood. Personally, I love reading rom-coms that are a bit steamy. I think women need to be more willing to experiment to figure out what works for them both mentally and physically—be it novels, vibrators, lubricants, positions, porn, whatever.

It isn't your partner's job to get inside your head—do your own work. We are lucky to live in the age of the internet where even the most squeamish people can google questions without having to actually ask anyone in person. Come up with ideas and then communicate them to your partner, no matter how uncomfortable you feel verbalizing those ideas.

The more you talk about what you want the more comfortable you will get and the easier it will be to get in the mood with your partner. The reason you married this specific person is for friendship and sex. So much of the bond in a marriage is because of that intimacy that you only share with each other—so if that portion of it falls by the wayside then you are reducing your marriage to nothing more than a friendship or even -rearing business proposition.

You are never too busy to have sex a few times a week because there shouldn't be a higher priority. Think of your own sexual pleasure as a necessary part of your life like showering and eating you wouldn't get so busy with work or kids that you forgot to shower, right? Your Privacy Rights. To change or withdraw your consent choices for Brides.

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Sex for married people

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