Salomon hookup card

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I don't care about Newschoolers. I just want free content and no ! with Facebook Register Lost password? Move to Category. Close Save. Member of the Month weastcoast June, Nov 23 PM 0 0. Only the Ironic Irish could be so naively honset. I am not doing the grabs because I am getting a thrill out of touching my ski-JP Auclair Salad is what food eats.

Yeah, everything is run through the stores or the reps possibly??? If your not a shop employee, don't even bother trying to get on to the site. You need a store code in addition to your card, and even if you manage that, Salomon only ships the stuff to the store, not a home address.

This site is one of the few reasons that I work at a shop though! Insane deals. This is a site that reps if they want will give you, it is a online pro-from, if your rep did not give you one get one from him. Go get a job then you can, do not ruin it for people who put they tme in shops!!!! I can get on, its nice Seth:'That's a weird looking rail, I'll give you a buck if you can slide it! I'm sure glad I'm just missing out on good deals on salomon, haha I think I'l just pay full price and get some rossis If you live it right, once is enough' -Micah Black. I saved Latin, what did you do?

Nov 24 AM 0 0. You need adealer ship to and that is so they know what shop to ship to and they only ship to shops. I know cus i just ordered stuff off the sitre and it came to the shop friday. Nov 24 PM 0 0.

The Gomer Corporation: Celebrating a hard earned posts and coming in January, the one year anniversary of quality rants. MC Blowfish: 'Uh-oh, here comes that stupid shark, I better blow up! Nov 25 AM 0 0. Stuff is cheaper then wholesale costs on the Salomon site.

Same with any proform order from a company. Nov 26 AM 0 0. Nov 26 PM 0 0. If you work in a shop, talk to your reps, kiss there ass. When skiers do their thing in the parks, powder and on the rails, mountains become a vast play-ground. Nov 27 AM 0 0. All times are Eastern

Salomon hookup card

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