Romantic music for couples

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Shot by WeddingNama, Mumbai. Fret not, we bring to you some of the most romantic couple songs to choose from; these songs will not only express your love for each other, but will also transform the entire ambience of your occasion. This beautiful song is ideal for the couple who simply wants to tell the world how much they love each other through music. Vow to each other a lifetime of happiness with this extremely beautiful song that creates a feeling of love and passion. Having an arranged marriage? This is just the song for you! Need we say more?

Done to death? So what? Plunging deep in your heart, its lyrics can help you with some of the best couple steps to leave maximum impact on your guests. We sure did! So many new romantic songs making rounds on the charts, but this song still remains our all-time fav! Weave magic on the stage as you give a sensual yet classy performance along with your partner. Easily one of our favorites, this evergreen is a must-play at the wedding just for its simplicity and romantic tune. No couple can resist swooning to this gorgeous song that talks of togetherness, trust, and eternal love. A great pick to give a romantic performance on, eh?

When it comes to playing wedding love songs, no matches Raabta, a beautiful with lyrics about that tacit connection between two people regardless of all odds in life. Do you have one too with your SO? Whether for a serious performance or a casual foot tapping, Gulaabo, the latest chart buster from Shaandaar will uplift the mood of the evening like none other. Crazy lyrics, groovy beats, and a mind-blowing tune, this is the ultimate wedding party song of the year! Gather all the couples around you, and have them give the duet performance of their life - together!

The stage will come alive as the ladies in the group strut around looking all stylish, and the men play hard to get — just like in the song! If Gulaabo is the wedding party song of this year, Radha has been it for the last two years in a row! This one can have all the kids in your clan set the stage on fire with their cute steps and adorable movements. Guys in the house, rejoice! Its high-energy beats and fun lyrics make dancing an absolutely delightful affair!

We love the ature chorus step in this one, and a wedding is the perfect time to unleash the hidden dancer in your with this song! Again, an amazing pick for both a serious performance as well as casual foot-tapping. Getting Married? Book Trusted Vendors. See All.

Romantic music for couples

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These 21 Romantic Songs Are Perfect For Your First Couple Dance!