Real aussie girls

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We are home to a wealth of iconic and inspiring athletes, actors and academics, plus a new generation of role models think social media influencers who continue to lead the charge for women. Female empowerment and support have never been stronger. Here are just some of the famous Australian women and lesser-known female leaders who we admire and respect in their own right.

Which brings us to Edith Cowan , who was the first woman elected to an Australian parliament in While many year-old girls have their hands full just trying to balance hormones, school and boys, Jessica Watson set herself a near-impossible challenge to sail around the world all on her own. Inspired by the same journey year-old Jesse Martin took in , Jessica spent four years racking up coastal miles and ocean miles of sailing experience, and gained qualifications in offshore safety, diesel engines, radio operation, sea and safety, First Aid and yacht master theory.

She was also awarded Young Australian of the Year in , and in she received the Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to sailing and as a role model for young Australians. Since then, Jessica has also completed an MBA, authored two books, and co-founded boating app Deckee. Wilhelmina Mina Wylie and Sarah Fanny Durack were more than just famous Australian swimmers; together they put an end to women not being allowed to enter any competition where males were competing yes, that basically included all major sporting events.

They were also the first Australian female Olympic representatives, competing in the Olympic Games in Stockholm; Mina won silver in the m freestyle event and Fanny won gold. Later they were both inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame for their amazing swimming achievements.

In her teens, Jess showed immense promise as a netball and basketball player, but at the age of 17 she found out she had a rare genetic condition known as Best's disease that caused her to become legally blind. Unwavered and even more determined, she set her sights on the Paralympics, eventually competing in alpine skiing at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in She not only won a bronze medal in the Slalom, she also became the first Australian woman to win a Winter Paralympics medal.

Fast forward to the Rio Paralympics, Jess became the first Australian athlete - Olympic or Paralympic - to medal at both a summer and winter games, winning bronze in the 1km Time Trial cycling event. In , hockey player Nova Peris became the first Aboriginal Australian to win an Olympic gold medal. She later made the switch to athletics and also competed in the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. Following on from her sporting success, Nova got into politics and became an inspirational advocate for egalitarianism and anti-racism. In she became the first indigenous woman to be elected into parliament.

When we think of influencers, we think outfit ideas and the like. But Melissa Ambrosini is inspiring in so many more ways. After suffering from serious health issues at the hand of stress, anxiety, way too much partying and an eating disorder, Melissa found herself in the hospital with her body ready to shut down. Following her wake-up-call moment, she turned her life around and got her holistic health coaching certification and also studied yoga, meditation and life coaching.

View Post on Instagram. The 2nd was the real moment captured without my knowledge a couple of weeks after Adelaide was born before I woke up and suggested we take a nice shot. Loved playing sailing tourist waving the fleet off on the next leg of the volvooceanrace yesterday. A belated Happy New Year to everyone! I've been having too much fun catching up with family and friends and have neglected social media. You've changed. You've grown. You've evolved. You're not the same person you were 5 years ago, 5 months ago, 5 days ago or even 5 minutes ago.

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Real aussie girls

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