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His favorite activities are listening to children read, greeting friends-- both old and new-- going on walks, and giving kisses. She studied hard and soon became a Therapy Dog. Elliott is happy comforting people and loves to listen to children read. Most of all, she loves children and adults of all ages and loves visiting with them! Watch me dance pretty for a treat. He is just a lovable dog ready to make people smile. She likes to play ball, frisbee and scent work.

She is just a loveable dog ready to make people smile. Max is a Labrador Retriever Born June 1, Loved by the Gonzales FamilyMax loves to fetch tennis balls and in the summer, you can find him swimming in the pool. He loves snuggling and playing with his toys. Max enjoys being a therapy dog, making new friends, and giving lots of love. In his free time he enjoys paddle boarding, biking and hanging out on the beach. Toby takes pride in putting a smile on the faces of those he meets on his travels.

She loves to have her chest and belly rubbed. So, to be her best friend, rub that area and she will love you. She likes to play ball, frisbee, loves agility and really likes making people smile! She goes to work with me every day so she can play with the other dogs and cats there. She really loves to give kisses and bring joy to people as a Therapy Dog. While visiting the breeder and looking at his six brothers, Wallie was busy dragging my purse to the car. He loves frisbee, going on walks and playing ball. He is a great cuddler, kisser and listener! I rescued Minnie when she was a small puppy and she instantly won my heart!

She is a delicate, sweet little girl with dark, liquid eyes and large curious ears. She loves to cuddle and is especially happy when she is cozy on a lap, covered with a blanket. Chance is a male Husky mix Born November 19, A member of the Plein familyChance loves people which makes him perfect for therapy visits. His sweet face and personality will warm your heart instantly.

He enjoys daily walks, hiking and catching treats in mid-air. If she could wear a tiara, she would! Sessan loves to visit kids in schools, people in the hospitals and make them feel better just like a real princess. She loves to swim, do tricks, walk in nature, listen to children read books, and snuggle with people who pet and hug her.

She is so full of energy! She loves to go on walks, run through the park, chase squirrels, hunt lizards and tease her big sister, Jules. Most of all, Sophie loves people and getting petted. Sophie is our bundle of joy! S he loves to sunbath and be around her family. Special Power: Can make complete strangers smile Mission: To bring comfort and encouragements to everyone. Harley is picky about giving out kisses, but he enjoys love and affection from all.

Harley is one of the largest dogs in our therapy group, yet one of the calmest. His biggest wish is to put a smile on everyone's face; one that's almost as big as his own. He is full of life and has a big heart. He enjoys visiting with others and giving them kisses to prove it.

I work as: a therapist, visiting people of all ages in hospitals, convalescent homes and participating in community events. I work as: A model, posing for pictures, especially in my police outfit. If you are curious, visit my website: www. Shadow is very energetic. He likes to perform his tricks that include crawling, rolling over, sitting up, and shaking paws in front of an audience. Shadow likes water and loves to chase the moving sprinklers.

He especially loves to play toy with kids, it is fun to see whose energy will last the longest. Bug Bug is a female blue merle Chihuahua about 6 years old. Since her rescue, Bug has only shown great love and kindness to anyone who comes near her.

This unusual trait for Chihuahuas and her heart of gold made her a natural therapy dog. She loves nothing more than being held in your lap and getting petted, or cuddled against your chest and hugged, except for maybe getting TREATS!! She loves both adults and children. Loving chocolate lab. Full of energy and love for everyone. Lucy shares her Hershey Kisses when meeting new friends and old. Will retrieve a ball from land or sea. She loves the water and flys through the air to retrieve her water toys.

Loves everyone and thinks every one loves her all 72 pounds. Ellie is a Female, Labrador Retriever, Born October 21, , Loved by Grace and Ethan Ellie is happiest when she is around people, especially those that love on her with hugs, pets, and treats. In her spare time, Ellie enjoys swimming at the beach and hikes in the mountains. She gives kisses, shake, and army crawl for a treat. No matter what the weather is she is up for a swim. Rose is looking forward to meeting new people. She loves to cuddle, show off her tricks, chase squirrels and find cool hiding places.

Harley is a very sweet and lovable dog. He loves to snuggle and he really enjoys traveling with Mom and Dad in the RV. He enjoys walking around the Senior Park and meeting all of the neighbors. Molly is a sweet, gentle girl who will always cheer you up with her smile. She loves long walks, chasing squirrels, playing with stuffed animals, and belly rubs! She especially loves being petted by children and adults of all ages. Her favorite snacks are peanut butter and carrots and her nickname is MooMoo!

I am a huge, fluffy golden doodle who found my calling as a therapy dog in after my family adopted me. My favorite things to do are getting loved on, playing with my dog friends, and chasing my tennis ball! I would love to be your friend. He has been very grateful, and bonded with the family instantly. Chase excelled in obedience training and loves to be petted! Chase loves to make new friends and loves sharing his kind loving nature with everyone he meets. He loves children, and adults alike, and enjoys spreading love on his therapy visits. Give me five minutes to brighten up your day.

I offer extra kisses for a little doggie treat. She loves being pet, belly rubs and getting lots of attention. She enjoys outtings with her family and having new experiences. She is a loving sweet dog eager to be your new friend!

Luna is a Maltipoo mix Adopted February 24, Loved by the Austin Family Luna named after Luna Lovegood is a sweet fluffy love-bug who brings joy to all those she meets. Luna was rescued from a local animal shelter and wants to spread the love she has found in her furever home. Acadia's favorite toys are stuffed animals that squeak. Cady her nickname is happiest when she visits with people, takes long walks, and performs tricks for a yummy treat.

Joy loves being a therapy dog. She loves to run and play with her siblings, get massages, meet new people and treasures getting petted by the people she meets. Olive is a female Chihuahua Born April 24, Loved by Martinez-Burkhalter Family Olive lives for giving love, cuddles, and kisses to those she meets.

She loves riding in cars, hiking, running along the waters of the beach, and playing with her furry sis and bro. She especially enjoys snuggling up with the family and relaxing. Her gentle soul and intuitiveness makes her a compassionate, empathetic, caring Therapy Dog. Muffin loves to meet new people and loves to give hugs. Shasta is playful and loyal family member. She loves being around people and making new friends.

Some of her hobbies include going camping with her family, swimming with her best pals, Bodie, Riley, and Maui. She also loves hugs and doggie treats. Riley loves swimming, kayaking, and playing in the water. He also loves traveling and spending time in the RV. Riley has a fun and loving personality, and is always willing to give hugs and kisses to everyone. Maui has an adventurous and outgoing personality.

Puppies inland empire

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