Prostitution in qatar

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We continue to produce events and special projects while we explore where the on-site journalism goes next. Rights advocates say those most likely to end up in jail for this transgression are low-skilled migrant women. The female guards dressed her in a black abaya and wrapped her face in a black veil. The drive to the Egyptian Embassy was a short one, and the wedding ceremony even shorter. An official asked Jo and the Egyptian man who got her pregnant to a form in Arabic, and with that, they were pronounced man and wife.

It had been a year since the year-old Filipino woman had met her husband through an online messaging app. Jo had been charged with the crime of zina, which is defined as any act of illicit sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. It is based on Islamic legal tradition that treats any sexual contact outside of a legal marriage as a crime.

In a country where unmarried sex is outlawed and men and women are socially segregated, people have to find places where they can have sex without being seen. This dark parking area along the Corniche, the waterfront promenade around Doha Bay, is a popular spot for couples to get intimate. News Deeply Contributor. The application of the law varies, but usually the punishment involves imprisonment. Some countries go further and mete out punishments of flogging or stoning. In Qatar and in the United Arab Emirates, for example, punishments generally involve imprisonment of up to one year.

If those found guilty are Muslim , there is an additional punishment of up to lashes. And if they happen to be married to other people, the penalty is death. Jo has been sentenced to imprisonment. Had she not agreed to get married, her new husband, who is Muslim, would have gotten the additional sentence of flogging.

Like Begum, the lawyer says most of the defendants are migrant domestic workers. A woman working a more high-profile job in the Gulf would have the financial resources and the freedom to quietly slip out of the country in the early stages of her pregnancy, he adds. A nanny takes care of two children while their parents enjoy the Dhow Festival in Katara Cultural Village. Qatar recently approved a draft law that would oblige employees to give domestic workers at least one paid day off a week. For now, many nannies, like this one, work seven days a week. In a report, Amnesty International quoted a report by the Qatari government stating that, in practice, punishments of stoning, amputations and flogging are not carried out.

By the time Jo was five months pregnant, her petite five-foot frame could not hide her bulging belly. Her employer turned her in to the police. She was allowed to give birth at a hospital, but two days after her delivery, she was released back into police custody. Her boyfriend was long gone by then, but she had his name, phone and screenshots of their phone conversations. That was enough for the police to find and arrest him. He tried to deny their relationship, but a DNA test proved the baby was his. He offered to marry Jo. He was already married to another woman, but in Qatar, a Muslim man is allowed up to four wives, as long as he can treat and financially support all of them equally.

Getting married was their ticket out of jail. Jo has not heard from her husband since the ceremony. With legal assistance from the Philippines Embassy in Doha, she is waiting to get her marriage certificate, which she can use to get a birth certificate for her son so that he will not be labelled as illegitimate. Then she will go back to the Philippines. She has two children back home from a relationship and will most likely leave again to work abroad and support them. Reporting for this story was funded by a travel grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

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Prostitution in qatar

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