Preparing for a blind date

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Do you have friends and loved ones with the best intentions but the worst taste in dates? Or, are you finally meeting that hottie from the premier dating app? Whatever the case, preparing for a first blind date is daunting and kinda scary. So, here are a few methods to calm your mind and mentally prep yourself for the experience of a first blind date. This comfort and familiarity will help you prepare for every possibility. Is your date a mess with zero goals, bad hygiene, and a worse sense of humor? Or, does everything go better than you could have hoped? The atmosphere definitely adds to the experience, and you want to feel comfortable and safe in that moment.

Most people, especially women, will wear something uncomfortable on a date if it means they can impress and make an impact on their new romantic interest. Honestly, a nice date outfit would consist of a deep blue pair of jeans, a button-down shirt, and one of your many quirky, awesome patterned ties. The best course of action is to be honest but friendly. Pay for your own part of the date, tell them it was nice meeting them, and bow out without an unkind word [even if their reaction is less than pleasant].

Blind dates can be fantastic experiences, and hundreds of thousands of people have met their long-term loved ones on blind dates. However, they can also be disastrous—in which case, you need an honest game plan. Either way, mentally prepare for any outcome with the aforementioned pre-date advice.

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Preparing for a blind date

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How To Prepare For A Blind Date