Powerlifter dating site

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Well, have I got the blog post for you. Before I get to that, I am a powerlifter, a newbie to the sport, been training for over a year, competing back in December and was in the process of training for an upcoming competition in May. But, back to the theme of this post. Why is is awesome to date a powerlifter? Well I got 5 reasons for you! If you are interested in trying powerlifting, find a good powerlifting gym or trainer where you live and just get in the gym and learn! Lifting weights is good for the soul and the body, it is tough to be stressed out or angry after a heavy deadlift or heavy squat day.

You are just too tired to really care after that last set or that max rep. Great stress relief. Also, hanging out with other powerlifters and strength athletes are a fun time and dont shame you about eating too much food when you are out for eats. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google . You are commenting using your Twitter . You are commenting using your Facebook . Notify me of new comments via . Notify me of new posts via . Dad bod, but with muscle. Upside to this? Well they have a body similar to the desired dad bod, but have muscle and are in shape.

Also, we are furnaces, so on those cold winter nights, we will keep you warm all night long. Grip Strength. How can grip strength be a perk to dating a powerlifter? Biggest reason, when there needs to be jars or any other container whose lid is being stubborn. Give that sucker to a powerlifter and boom! Its open, and say hello to your jammy jams. Food portions. Now, this could be a downside for your budget, as powerlifters can eat quite a large amount of food, depending on what weight class they are in, but we eat quite a few times during the day.

Well if you are feeling snacky, the powerlifter in your life always has plenty of food to share, especially snacks. We love snacks. Squat Booty. Yes, the squat booty is a perk. That and a healthy muscular butt is good for your overall health. We just care about hitting the lifts we want to hit and enjoying the gym life.

Who cares if you have a bit a belly, its called a Power Belly for a reason. You feel safe and warm. There will always be food in the house, and a good mix of food. There is plenty of healthy options, but tasty snacks to be enjoyed in moderation. See my point 3. Told ya. Life balance. Great life balance that includes dedication to the gym life and achieving your goals, but is always up for going out for pizza or burgers and fries.

You need a mix of determination and fun in a healthy relationship. Walking Furnace. Again, see point 1 above. Ongoing Support. When you feel like you are struggling with something, they are there to encourage you through it, because they know how much hard work is required to accomplish things in life.

They love you for who you are and want you to be happy. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Post post: Toss a coin to your Witcher. Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. required Address never made public. Name required. Create your website with WordPress.

Powerlifter dating site

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