Polymorphous perversity game

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Warning time. This is an Impressions post about a sexually explicit game. Text and images to follow beneath the jump will include depictions of sexual organs and acts. In addition, the text may be triggering for sexual violence. The article after the jump should be considered, at the very least, not safe for work.

I have a history with sex games, a history which at least two other Tap contributors are aware of! Suffice to say: I have played quite a few. So I was pretty excited when I read about the Polymorphous Perversity project. It seemed to be tailor made for my sensibilities. It was a Day One download. Let me start by talking about things I like about the game. The sprites in the game are retro-charming. Character portraits, made from blurry photographs, are cool in a totally silly perverted kind of way. Chaud also has a great feel for song selection. The game uses a of commercial and likely copyrighted songs, combined with actual bit music from games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Final Fantasy VI.

The music evokes nostalgia, and imparts energy. Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? So, I knew what I was getting in to with the level of vulgar content in this game. I knew it was a game exploring aspects of sexuality, including deviant sexuality and fetishes. In fact, I get a little enjoyment out of it sometimes.

A lot of the time. The implication is essentially that transwomen, rather than being honest about their sexual identity, mostly exist to trick unsuspecting heterosexual men. Adam M. For more information about what kind of content the game has from a story perspective, check out that review if you want. PP employs sex in place of RPG combat. Each participant in the act has a stamina meter. Your sex moves drain the stamina of your partner, and also, drain some of your own stamina. You can rest any time to recover some Stamina, but that affects your overall performance score which affects how much XP you can get from a battle.

Instead, a Horniness Meter at the top of the screen goes up by a fair amount. The meter also constantly goes up a little, in regular ticks, in the background. The only way to get it to go down is by having satisfying victorious sexual experiences. That essentially means that everything — everything — in the game is timed. Exploring the environment is a challenge compounded by the need to be constantly searching for literally easy sex partners to keep the meter down.

Money is generally not earned in sex combat, unless you choose to actively prostitute your character. This is, of course, an option, but a challenging one. This would be less frustrating if most of the content in the game was not gated by your available cash. But most of it is. It costs money to buy enough sex toys to defeat most challenging sex encounters.

It costs money to buy hookers who are, in an admittedly funny homage, hired via the wheelchair-bound man in the Marvel Brothel. Certain NPCs will not talk to you unless you give them some money or a specific item, after which you may learn they actually had nothing interesting to offer you but a weird animation and dialog. There are also enemies that take away money as a punishment. The most reliable way to get money in the game is the mining mini-game. It has nothing to do with sex, except for the fact that your avatar is naked as always while doing it.

I may just be doing it wrong, but I can usually earn maybe 7 — 10 dollars at a shot in this game. Earning money reliably becomes a matter of doing the mining game maybe five times, then, when the horniness meter hits a critical point, going to find the easily-laid girl that stands in the middle of town to get the meter down. Then go sleep that encounter off which costs money , and go back to the mining game again.

The visuals are of course pure camp: boob-covered trees, dick-plants waving happily in the wind. I really am the kind of gamer who will fight my way through dull or broken mechanics to get to a good story. Though admitting that was really hard. E mail the author of this post at aj tap-repeatedly. I admit, HM, you were the person whose opinion I was most curious about with this title. When you do get a little deeper in ha ha, man, the sex puns just write themselves let me know what you think. I kept my personal expectations down on this one. AJ, thanks for the write-up.

You detailed many of the game mechanics that have frustrated me. I find the mining mini-game especially frustrating. The mobility of your avatar in the mine seems totally unreliable. The sex scores go up when you begin learning combo moves. As far as I can tell, you have to learn the moves by trial and error. For recurring enemies, the same combos work. Sometimes though this can be annoying you can win a sex battle by doing nothing.

For me, the sexiest parts of the game came during intense sex battles. If I would encounter a new character who could actively overpower me sexually, the struggle for sexual dominance combined with the explicit sexual content could be arousing. Maybe this is my own kink. I encourage you to play the game through and post your continued impressions. The game can be frustrating: the story is linear, but the sidequests are often but not always! It can be difficult to determine where to focus your efforts.

The ending of the game is similarly baffling. If not for the clear, purposeful de that Chaud has shown elsewhere in his work, I might write the ending off as arbitrary weirdness. As for the sexual politics or ethics of the game: this is something of a muddle. Unlike Dungeoneer, which strove for a basically realistic setting, PP is mostly fantasy with unsettling dashes of realism.

Perhaps, if one purpose of the game is to confront you with repressed sexual desires, the game must recontextualize and amoralize sexual behaviors in order to open the player to experiencing a simulation of them. Hain, Thank you for the detailed reply!

Maybe it would be worth it to push through. It may be a missed sidequest. Have to agree about the muddled tone. It may just be due to the ambition of trying to cover so much ground in the subject matter. The quest in Heaven is somewhat obscure. The solution reminds me a bit of Metal Gear Solid, the scenario where you must let the guards catch you — very counter-intuitive. The game was full of fascinating stories — […]. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Definitely not sexy. Thanks again for your write-up.

Polymorphous perversity game

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Interview with Nicolau Chaud, Mind Behind Polymorphous Perversity