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Log in. Pixel Gun 3D Forums. Why does dating even exist in this game? Messages: 20 Likes Received: 1 Device: Android. Plus, PG3D is about killing people. Why would someone kill their "date"? I really wish RiliSoft made some petition or something to go against dating, or at least make the Last Kiss and Dater Hater rentable for a limited time. Also, automated moderators could automatically kick the daters, if it were implemented. Messages: Likes Received: 1, That would be a lot of work for Rilisoft to have moderators on all the time in several different servers.

Plus daters are a community problem, so just shoot them while there 'dating'. Free coins! Ruby Rose , May 4, Hayabusa , May 4, Agree x 5 Like x 2. Messages: Likes Received: Daters exist to keep balance, without daters where will we get coins?

Owen , May 4, Like x 1. Messages: 95 Likes Received: They are just kids that cant play the game so they want to wreck the gameplay of other peaple. Flame , May 4, All the daters are are either little kids who want to look cool or pedophiles who want to steal personal information by tricking the younger kids into going on virtual dates with them. Agree x 2. On Rilisoft's profile they have stated in a response to a question, that they have not been able to find a reason to legally ban them.

I'm not sure what is required although they seem pretty optimistic that they will find a solution to it in the near future. As to why they exist, I'm not so sure why it's so common in this particular game, it's almost like a virus that somehow got hold of it and has never been eradicated. I think the inclusion of the dater themed guns was a mistake as the developers should be trying to sever all ties with that part of the community and avoid any mention of them, except to condemn them. Daters prey on the vulnerabilities of people, so don't give out personal information to anyone, any kind of deranged person could be on the other side.

Stay smart, keep safe and if need be turn off chat altogether. Until they are removed, just enjoy the free coins they allow us to gain. The Snipah , May 4, Dating in PG3D is the result of a mixture of eHarmony users and unsurpassed stupidity. ElectricShrew65 , May 5, Agree x 1.

The oldest player i've come across was 16 or 18 girl and she was asking a 12 year old to be her BF. And another reason why a lot of kids do this is because parents will never find out. B tMan , May 5, Ruby Rose , May 5, They exist because the world we live in isn't perfect. As many of you may know, people don't follow what you're supposed to do in the game. Instead the daters date then satisfy themselves with their dirty imagination. This is what you would call sexual intercourse virtually.

This goes the same with other games like minecraft, roblox, games with customizations to make yourself look "cool". Or another reason, the daters are growing up so they want to be like the teens. Unfortunately they drift off into the dirty world. The same reason why there's dating on Roblox. They can't interact with others, or have a hard time trying to find a mate in real life. Or rarely, for trolling purposes Tex , May 5, Let me tell you a story about daters: Once upon a time, there was a kid who watched inappropriate stuff. He wanted to do what he saw but he cant do it in real life. He felt lonely so he played Pixel Gun and started dating.

He spread a virus called ebolove to other players. Since then, Pixel Gun slowly became a dating game. Some players fight while others date. To be continued Inferno the Assassin , May 6, Winner x 2. The Snipah , May 9, Dating in PG3D is big for 2 reasons. One is Rillisoft accidentally encouraging it through maps, and the other is roleplay, somehing my friends do sometimes.

I'll give Rillisoft a short reprive, so rolepley comes first. Even the capaign fails to make us think that Rillisoft's giant network of isolated worlds staring at you Heaven Garden is a living, breathing universe. It makes you think in multiplayer sometimes, "What are we fighting for again? For example And 7 years we've been hiding in the shadows, searching for a way to cripple the enemy from the inside.

Finally, we have found one of their supply camps and are planning to strike. Should this work, the Prisma should be weakend for weeks, maybe even months. That gives us time to prepare like we naver have before. They won't be ready for our best armies even better.

We're the underdogs, and we've just found our turning point. That kind of roleplay is awesome. But other people just date. YES, they're great trolling targets. YES, they're giant coin farms. But are they really doing to justify adoption of the game.

Are they doing anything to help us put up with the PtW. Well, some of us. Rillisoft, your reprive is OVER. You now have to answer for your mistakes! We alll know that dating hapens on basically every map. Heaven Garden is pretty self explanatory. It's sole purpose is romance. Paradise Resort makes the most sense. Who wouldn't want to take their date to a resort? So now you know my theory. It's a bit hasty, but it's FAR from a shot in the dark. Last edited: May 9, RealShinyChu , May 9, Agree x 1 Informative x 1.

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Pixel gun dating app

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Why does dating even exist in this game?