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Making time for your body takes bravery. Below are answers to frequently asked questions to help build that courage. After suspending practice for more than six months, Touch Ceremony is slowly reopening, cautiously but steadily. Many investments and much time have been given to being able to practice massage therapy in the safest way possible during this time.

Read over our new policies and safety measures here. Bodywork is any therapeutic technique that works with the human body by means of manual and or energetic therapy. One form of bodywork is massage therapy, which can be defined as the manipulation of soft tissues in the body. The terms bodywork and massage therapy are often used interchangeably.

First we will have a private conversation to discuss your goals for our session and establish healthy boundaries. We will collaborate on a treatment plan and talk through any questions that may arise. I will then exit the treatment room and allow you time to get onto the table. When I return, I will check in with you and ask permission before beginning our session.

Together you and I will focus our intention on the work over the duration of the session. When our time ends, I will inform you with my voice and safe contact. Next I will exit the treatment room so that you have privacy to redress and reset. I will announce myself before reentering and we will have a brief conversation to share feedback and education; to plan for your next session; and to complete payment if necessary. For your first session, I will schedule an extra fifteen minutes of time so that we can have a thorough introduction to working together. I will ask about surgeries and injuries you may have had and medications you may be taking.

While I will respect your privacy, knowing these things enables me as your practitioner to serve you safely and effectively. I will ask you to share how you want to feel in your body, so we can have the same goal in mind for your treatment. This introduction is a time for your to ask me any questions you may have as well.

Only as much of your body will be uncovered as you would like. I use a system of draping with sheets and a blanket that supports your comfort and security. During the session, I will undrape one area of your body at a time, and the draping will act as a boundary for where we will work. Clear understanding of your boundaries is essential, and I practice active communication to ensure I understand how to best provide for you. You are welcome to dress down to be nude under the drape or leave on as much as makes you comfortable. Your genitals and gluteal cleavage will never be exposed.

Every person has the option of using a breast drape or having their chest undraped when and if receiving abdominal work or pectoral work. Your draping preferences may change session to session or in the middle of a session. No matter what I will honor your boundaries and preferences while giving you safe, non-sexual, therapeutic touch. As you receive, you will be tasked with being present and being communicable.

Listening to your body will give you the opportunity to learn and to heal, and turning down your mind will give you the peace to rejuvenate and to restore. Mindful contemplation and quiet relaxation are appropriate during our session. With that said, however, open communication between us as client and practitioner will be crucial. I will offer check-ins when appropriate, and you are welcome to share relevant information to me at any point throughout our session.

Remember you have the autonomy to define what feels good and what feels safe to you. I will always honor that. I serve all with understanding, acceptance, and an open heart. More information about our sponsorships and accessibility initiatives can be found here. I do not accept insurance; however, if you would like to seek reimbursement from your insurance company after our completion of payment for your session, I can provide the appropriate paperwork upon request. I work in Austin, Texas, out of a private room at the holistic wellness center Earth Commons.

I am proud to be a founding resident of Earth Commons, a community focused on providing accessible and inclusive self-healing to all. All of my clients are welcome to seek guidance from fellow in-house practitioners and browse the on-site retail apothecary. Learn more about Earth Commons here.

Earth Commons has limited parking for vehicles but ample parking in the surrounding residential streets. When parking, we ask that you be kind and considerate to our neighbors. Our location is nearest to two local bus routes via Capital Metro: the and the 4 , to the north at Airport Blvd. Our space is wheelchair accessible. If our space is not accessible to you, I am open to scheduling an outcall or in-home session for you.

If you have questions or concerns about accessibility, please get in touch with me here. Because I set my own rates, I do not expect tips, but I do accept tips in the form of charitable donations. Donations help to support our accessibility initiatives and allow us to sustain our services and offers to those that need them most. Learn more about how to support Touch Ceremony here.

In an effort to encourage caution and safety in these uncertain times, cancelations will not be penalized and clients will have the unlimited opportunity to reschedule their appointments. If you are feeling ill or cautious in anticipation of your scheduled appointment, you have the ability to cancel and or reschedule it through the links provided in the appointment confirmation .

If possible, please do let me know if you are running late. When you arrive, we will work with the remaining time we have scheduled for your session. For instance, if you arrive twenty minutes later than your scheduled minute appointment, then we will have 40 minutes on the table to work together.

I need to know your health history in order to give you safe and beneficial touch. Your health history determines what types of treatment are called for and what types of treatments are uncalled for, otherwise known as indications and contraindications. An indication is a reason that validates the use of a certain technique for the purpose of meeting your treatment goals. A contraindication is a situation that requires me as your therapist to modify techniques or refrain from using them to avoid possible harm.

Possible contraindications can include allergies, infections, diseases, surgeries, injuries, or medications. Knowing your health history helps me serve you as a client to the best of my ability. No matter how I know you, when working together, I am your therapist, and our work does not leave my treatment room. I do not share gossip, and what is communicated between us as client and practitioner is confidential.

It stays between us. To be clear, I do not share any of your personal information or health information without your written consent. Please me and get in touch. I am happy to answer any question you may have. More ificantly, I am open to any and all feedback on how I can better serve people. We are all in a constant state of un learning, and my work is no exception to that. Find ways to contact me here. What our time together will be like Making time for your body takes bravery.

What is bodywork? What is a session like in general? What is my first session like? How much of my body will be uncovered? What do I do during the session? Do you accept insurance? Where do you work? How accessible is it? Do you accept tips? Am I expected to tip? What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment? Why do you need to know my health history? What are contraindications for massage therapy? What about the privacy of my health information?

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No draping massage austin

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