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So you're fascinated by transsexual women, huh? Welcome to the club: lots of people feel likewise. You'll find very few guys who aren't at least intrigued by the allure of an beautiful, totally passable, transsexual female. Think again. Statistics show searches for on-line images and contacts info for she males and transsexuals rose meteorically this past decade. Also, back in the day when I did lots of night-clubbing in Atlanta?

I encountered men ranging from janitors to Fortune CEO's every weekend. In fact, I'm willing to bet one of your dear male friends feels just like you do. It's been my experience that transexual attraction is a lot like masturbation: a small percentage admit their yearning and the rest are just lying their asses off.

So why's it such a big deal to admit you're attracted to transexuals? It's that scary little three-letter word. You know - starts with "G" Yep: gay. At the very least? A guy worries he'll get labeled bisexual by admitting this interest And what about women who find themselves attracted to transsexuals?

What label does society tag on them? All this begs the million-dollar question: Is a person really gay, bi Before I address it, lets first discuss a few related subjects - should help us arrive at a more understandable conclusion.

What's so hot about transsexuals? What makes transexual females so enticing to certain men? I suppose I'm preaching to the choir on this issue but it's still a good question. Based upon my experience? Most people attracted to transsexual women appear to be born If you ask them? Many can even recall with vivid detail their first transsexual encounter. It could've been an intensive relationship or a quick glance at a photograph. Regardless of time or depth, most admirers agree their first encounter with a transsexual woman stirred a sensation in their loins like no other.

From that onset Most beginners relate to the allure of something very different This attraction is actually quite similar to the obsession men have with bisexual and lesbian women: it's the uniqueness of the situation. Other men tend to be most attracted to women that are quite powerful looking - a female body builder-type physique. Lots of transsexual women also fall into this category. As an admirer evolves and gains comfort with their attraction to transsexuals, they usually begin to comprehend this fascination runs much deeper than a mere sexual fantasy.

It's rooted in the very essence of a transsexual persona: and themselves. The way these unique women meld the peculiarities of both genders can be intoxicating to some people. She seems to grasp things most genetic females will never learn. Thus, she understands you. So with all these things being right Sound familiar? Why's that such a big hang up? In society's present opinion, to admit to this type of attraction is to acknowledge a gay inclination. If someone isn't homosexual, such a conflict causes a great deal of confusion.

The comforting news? Few guys attracted to transsexuals are gay. Unfortunately, there's still not an accurate label for straight males attracted to transsexuals. They remain some unidentified subset of the gay, transgender or bisexual worlds. Interestingly, only a small percentage of the total of transsexual girls classify themselves as bi or gay, as well. Why do most outsiders first think we're all gay. Beyond the obvious, I think the fact most lay-people's first encounter to gender-bending is through DRAG - plays a part in this misconception.

Alas, most DRAG performers are very gay and quite proud of that fact. The good news? Increased media coverage of transgenderism is changing this misconception but generally speaking? It's still a big mess. So what's the sexual orientation of a man or woman attracted to a transsexual? The difference between sexual orientation and gender identity Before you can develop an informed opinion on the proper sexual orientation of someone attracted to transsexuals, it's helpful to comprehend the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity.

Succinctly stated:. Make sense? A person's sexual orientation is defined as their ideal choice for a sexual partner either men or women. Nobody knows why some people are most attracted to members of the opposite sex heterosexual or the same sex homosexual. Some scientists feel we're all born with the potential for bisexuality. Others tout biological factors: including a specific inherited gene or the effect of hormones in the mother's womb on the fetus. Regardless of belief, its safe to say transsexualism adds a new dimension to an already complex argument.

Regardless if this person's a girl on a full-time basis or just a weekender - she believes, she feels, she acts, and she looks just like a woman! In fact, anatomical differences aside: she's often more feminine than some born-women. In other words: her gender identity is female. Just because she feels compelled to alter her presentation doesn't mean she also adjusts her sexual orientation. In fact, most transexual women are never attracted to men. A smaller percentage are only drawn to men when they're in a female persona: never otherwise.

Of course, there's a final group that only seeks male sexual partners. I don't think so. The Old School Thinking The old school of thought believed that straight guys who sought transsexuals were just latent homosexuals chasing a softer middle ground. In today's world of broader acquiescence of homosexuality this logic seems far from likely. Because in today's world? It's actually easier to be accepted as gay Those old-school stepping stones? Ironically, they're now reversed.

Another problematic issue with this line of thought? Guess which men are never sexually attracted to transexuals? You guessed it: gay guys. Why's that? Gay men are attracted to a great deal more than a penis. They're drawn by the very essence of masculinity. Ever seen an effeminate-type male in a gay promotional advertisement?

Most attractive shemales

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