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Last year I had a few months free, so I decided to travel somewhere I had never been and visit as many countries as I could, thus getting to know as many cultures possible. Completely unexpected, I ended up staying in Mexico for almost 6 months, where I had an opportunity to engage with single Mexican guys and culture.

Besides the live and cheerful spirit of typical Mexican guys, you will most certainly miss their spicy and delicious food and snacks when you come back home. Mexican men have a very specific physical appearance, meaning you can recognize them almost instantly. Thick dark brows, warm and sparkling eyes, pink full lips are the main feature of handsome Mexican guys, whose white teeth are in perfect contrast with chocolate skin and facial features. Mexican men are hot because of their body shape, the color of their skin and the perfect smile, so the fact they are shorter than Europeans but taller than Asians, kind of fades away when you look at their warm deep eyes.

Mexican men are strong, masculine and dressed casually most of the time, they are very good dancers and have a sense of the rhythm and moves. Sexuality, sensitivity, and touch are things you by instinct know a Mexican man has, just by looking at him or smelling his perfume. So it is quite obvious what Mexican men in bed are like. Mexican men stereotypes are that they are feminine or too hairy, but that is way far from the truth!

They take good care of themselves and tend to stay active with their friends and family, which guarantees their strength and therefore more masculine appearance. Typical Mexican men look similar to people from South America, they share a similar face and body features, height, language or music, which can be confused with Spanish people or culture sometimes. Needless to say, Mexicans are noticeably different from the European people — especially from the northern part, but share some similarities with Spanish people.

They are often seen wearing trousers and plain cotton shirts. Huaraches are some sort of sandals, and they are very popular in Mexico. However, some deers are trying to push the limits and change the trends and encourage them to wear something extravagant. On top of the important trait ratings for Mexican men, we have also created our own additional rating from the Mexican men we see on Tinder. We call it the 1, Tinder swipe rating. It is extremely accurate and gives a very good overall picture of the single men and how attractive they are.

We swiped through different profiles in all of the major cities of Mexico and took note of how many handsome men there are. Here is a quick breakdown. With a Tinder Plus subscription, you can teleport to anywhere in the world and swipe for yourself. Find out more below In the section about how to meet Mexican men. Also, make sure to check out my other country guides to see how their Tinder scores compare. When you hear about Mexican men being the head of the family, the core to a house, it can ring a bell for two things. The first one is that they have the lack of respect for women, or their wives to be more precise, since they are meant to follow patriarchal customs — to cook, clean, serve, raise kids, be obedient — similar to the customs Muslim countries respect.

The second thing that pops into your mind after you hear about this is not completely opposite from the first one, but it essentially differs from it. Even though Mexican culture defines a patriarchal way of organizing a family or community, Mexican men have enormous respect for women, especially their mothers. They are taught to have manners, be generous, open doors for women, to address them with grand respect and to always be the one that pays for expenses, dinners, etc.

They also always pay attention to small things like criticizing in private and respectfully leaving a party or a gathering by thanking for everything and hugging a host, thus showing him gratitude for his hospitality and invitation. Mexican men very often insist on walking a lady home if they find it unsafe for her to go home all alone. As mentioned above, Mexican men are very considerate and carrying, which attracts women in many ways. But another important to mention characteristic is integrity. Since a Mexican man is very religious and represents the head of the family, he knows how responsible he has to be to fulfill his duty and keep everything in order.

His main goal is to provide everything necessary and satisfy all the needs in the house, which is far from an easy job since those families usually count more than three people. He will do his best to keep you safe. They are so much more to that. They are raised to respect a woman, keep her safe and provide her with everything she needs or wants. No matter how important opening a door or paying for dinner is, no healthy and serious relationship can be built on mistrust, regardless of the type of relationship. There are serious and heavy prejudices that Mexican men are doing dangerous and illegal things, thus lying to their loved ones, especially a partner.

Percentage of this kind of behavior is very low by the fact, meaning this statement is untrue and that is why you should check out this from the other perspective, where Mexican men are actually described as loyal and honest people, who dedicate their lives to their families and loved ones, having manners and being loud but gentle at the same time. Mexican men own many virtues, many of them already mentioned above, and they all represent a perfect and legitimate starting point from which you can easily conclude and realize that they are conservative enough to care about loyalty very much.

Since they were little boys they were taught loyalty and trust, protection and manners. Once you grow up guided by this attitude, there is no way to root out this so to speak habit. Mexican guys are above all things loyal to their mothers, which can be tricky or truth to be told — lame , if we start to gain some serious feelings towards some Mexican guy, romantically speaking.

So, from the perspective of a girlfriend, there can be felt a little competition between his mother and you, and the main for that is loyalty he learned from her. You can also look at that as it was a proof he will stay truthful and loyal to you, till the world ends. Another already mentioned but strong and very welcomed trait of Mexican men is natural, inborn instinct to protect their family and the woman they love.

So the custom also requests that if a girl lives in a problematic or just dark and unlit area, the man is obligated to come to her house to pick her up and then drives or walks her to his house, to make the introduction. It is very common for a Mexican man to walk his date or a girlfriend to her home, thus showing his good manners, kindness, and thoughtfulness.

Mexico is a country of an interesting nature, but people of this country are more representative than their nature and landscape. This is not a poor country, but it is also not one of the best, so the payouts are not that high in general. Mexican men are more religious and spiritual than materialistic, so they live a modest and cheerful life.

They usually start to work at the age of 12 or less and usually do some physical work like selling on a market, delivering papers, carrying things in some storage or helping their fathers in private business which are usually some workshops, agriculture or stores.

This is simply how they were raised and shown to act. So, there is no need to worry about the money, but it is important to keep in mind that this is not some fancy country where men throw cash like candies. As basically all men in the modern age, Mexican men tend to mature later compared to girls and have more visible s of going through puberty. Of course, there can always be time for some salsa, cocktails and big dinner parties with friends, there are always certain customs that need to be respected and done.

Their culture has given Mexican men a perfect a combination of fun and maturity which shaped them into mature and conservative but far from boring both younger and elder men. Another great thing is that compared to many European people, Mexican men tend to start a family at their younger age, while they are still very energetic, funny and able to see all the good things life is about to bring. Girls, from my experience, you should keep in mind that dating a Mexican man after their early twenties can be a big deal and a great platform to start a family together.

Both single and taken Mexican men pay attention and special care to their looks. Even though they dress mostly casual and simple, they always look sexy and attractive, which raises their self-esteem and a sense of power over single women. Mexican guys are open and extroverts by nature, they will win you by their manners and dance moves, they are free and confident, but they can also be a bit shy, which can result in taking more time to figure out if and how is he going to approach to a woman he finds attractive and interesting.

There are some amazing clubs in Mexico, which is definitely a perfect place to meet sexy Mexican men, especially if you are from some other country. Mexican way of spending time consists of a big group of friends or family having a meal together, more often it is dinner, so I believe we could say they are friendly by nature, but it is a bit different when viewed as individuals. That is simply not something they crave for or demand. For example when starting a conversation with a beautiful woman that they might like romantically, or when introducing a girlfriend with their family.

Mexican males could be called reserved only when they follow their national customs or behavioral patterns they adopted while growing up. They are very responsible and dedicated to preserving and maintaining good family relationships and friendships. This is also because of their loyalty and open extrovert nature.

Forget the stereotypes and what the news tells you, Mexican men are actually some of the finest gentlemen on Earth. They can also be very protective of their loved ones and will do everything to ensure their ladies are happy. Other than their lovely bodies and handsome faces, what else makes these dudes from down south tick? As shown above, there are many important and interesting criteria that Mexican men satisfy, which is pretty promising if you are thinking about giving a Mexican guy a chance to win you over. Some of you were probably very surprised when reading about how thoughtful, carrying and committed Mexican men are.

But someone had to break it for you, right? Almost every girl wants to have a gentleman by her side, in order to feel special and be treated like a real lady. Opening a door, giving compliments, buying presents, singing serenades… these are the things we all find very romantic and sweet. But there is also a big difference between a man who is doing it just to win us over and a man who grew up believing these are all the necessary things to do to show a woman you like and respect her.

Even though Mexican men are so damn attractive and interesting, they have more than just the looks to offer. Many North-Americans and Europeans have very little time and energy for doing anything after work hours since they work more than Mexicans because their countries are more developed, meaning that the needs of American and European firms and companies are higher. Having more free time, Mexicans men dating time spend it in an interesting and fun way, like going fishing, going out with friends or visiting friends. Mexicans are very social, so if you are a friendly and energetic kind of person, their company would suit you well.

Besides family reunions and celebrations which are celebrated on every religious or state holiday, they weekly gather around with their friends for dinner, where men usually bring alcohol and women some appetizers or salad.

When everybody ate their meal, they stay till small hours to talk, drink, laugh, have fun and help cleaning up food remains and dishes. Even though there are plenty of high-quality virtues Mexican men own, some of their key traits can be deal-breaker for both partners in a romantic relationship.

Mexican men are very religious, meaning they follow many catholic customs like going to the church, praying, celebrating saints, having enormous respect for their mothers, etc. They also live in a patriarchal organization of family, so the man is the head and the backbone of the family. A woman is there to clean, cook — basically do the entire housework — raise kids, in one word — be a housewife. She is respected in the eyes of her husband and society, but only if she fulfills all of these things.

It is very dangerous to fall in love and think about starting a life with a Mexican boyfriend if you are from the other religion and are not willing to change it. The Mexican dating culture also request too official introduction with his parents, marriage in the mid-twenties, to be a stay-at-home mother when getting kids, etc.

These are mostly things used to describe traditional societies that seem regressive compared to the present. The most famous football teams and players are from this part of the world and South America, so football means a great deal for Mexican guys. No matter how old they are or how much you mean to them, there is no way they would pay attention to you if the football game is on. It is disasters, I know…. Every Mexican guy I ever met, I met while spending time in Mexico, through online dating app, so from my experience, this is the best way to meet Mexican guys, especially if you are interested in something romantic.

If Mexico seems too far for you, keep your hopes up because Mexican Cupid is at your service anytime. Mexican Cupid is an international dating app that is intended for people from all around the globe to meet single Mexican men. International dating always opens your views on the world and relationships, which is why it is never a bad idea.

Besides having a split percentage of Mexican and other populations, Mexican Cupid offers wide search criteria for your perfect match and a very easy way of contacting your potential lover. This app provides you with special features if you decide to enhance your search, and has many great options for making your profile very attractive and detailed.

If you are in the group as I am of American women looking for Mexican men, this is the best way to meet sexy Mexican guys. Mexican men want their future wife to be capable of keeping the house in order all the time. He will never ask you to do any of the housework because he respects you, but he also expects from you to clean the space and wash the dishes and clothes.

Keep that in mind.

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