May 17 star sign

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Mikki Donaldson. May 17 birthday horoscope says that as a Taurus born on this day, you love the chase. The journey is more fun to this Bull than the result. You strive for perfection. You love to take on challenges all the time. You are smart but reserved. People do not know how smart you are because of your excellent ability to hide it. You do not care what others say about you. The May 17 birthday personality are predicted to be adoring, considerate and captivating bulls with more grit and integrity than any other bull. If you were born on May 17, it is typical that you are a talented organizer.

It takes attention to detail and a lot of discipline to pull off a successful event. You have the talents to make things happen in a good way. The May 17th astrology predictions show that you are likely to marry late in life. When this Taurus is in love, he or she can be a shrewd partner. You want freedom, but more than anything want affection and love. You have certain aspirations and ideas. Either of which will not be compromised. If today is your birthday, you have issues when it comes to trusting someone.

You are most reliable in love relationships. This Taurus birthday individual must know that they can trust their partner. Otherwise, they will not commit themselves to a long-term relationship. The May 17 zodiac Taureans want harmony in and out of bed. You are intense and sexually uninhibited. You will make sacrifices to please your partner but will show those horns if crossed. The worse thing you could do to a Taurus is to lie or cheat. One would have a hard time getting back into their life if this were to happen, if at all. As the May 17th birthday zodiac is Taurus, your decision on a profession or job depends on if it is an enjoyable position that is rewarding.

You should rely on your best assets or favorite hobby when considering a career field. You can make snap decisions and know how to handle authority. You take an active interest in buying and reselling. Being equipped with common sense, you go over your checkbook statements with a fine comb. Do not let it be said that this Taurus borrowed money from anyone. You tend to save money for rainy days. The May 17 birthday personality might experience some illness at some point in their lives.

The symptoms, nervousness, headaches, or backaches, are typically brought on by stress. Otherwise, you are usually healthy citizens. To relieve stress, the May 17 horoscope analysis suggests relaxation techniques such as a long pulsating bath or the use of the sauna would prove beneficial. Turn the alarm off, keep the curtains closed and sleep in occasionally. Resting is so important to balance your health. The May 17 birthday horoscope shows you are very quick minded, devoted, selfless and pleasant bulls.

Underneath all your goodness, you have a strong desire to be understood and loved. At the workplace, you seek positions of authority or one in which you could perhaps be an auctioneer. The May 17 birthday meanings show that this Taurus loves the thrill of buying and selling for gains. You should pay careful attention to your bank s deposits and withdrawals.

You are inclined to be cautious about your health. You take good care of yourself. Your ruling planet is Venus that is said to be a planet of love and money that controls our artistic tendencies, pleasures and financial aspects of our life. This card symbolizes joy, hope, inspiration, and encouragement. You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Scorpio : This match will be rewarding and passionate.

You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Gemini : This relationship will be challenging and uncompromising. 4 — This ifies reliability, stability, solidity, and persistence. 8 — This ifies success, prosperity, and cycles of material accomplishment and spirituality. Lilac : This is the color of wealth, ambition, status and wisdom.

Brown: This is a neutral color that symbolizes a down-to-earth attitude and simplicity with strong foundations. Friday: The day ruled by the planet Venus symbolizes a day of enjoyment and relaxation. Saturday: This day is ruled by Saturn and ifies abstinence, efficiency, reserve, and severity. Your gemstone is Emerald helps make your mind tranquil and focus on your healing.

Dinner at his favorite 5 Star restaurant for the man and the right body lotion for the woman. May 17 birthday personality loves gifts that are thoughtful. Well I found a gold digger and con artist from the Philippines. She was good talker. As if she was a car salesman. But like any thing yes loves money. My fault for not seeing the financial abuse. No more. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Israel Ruiz May 17, at pm. J Benavides June 28, at pm.

May 17 star sign

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