Massage your date

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After all, this was the same insanely sexy girl from my apartment complex who had mesmerized me the very minute she moved in. Fair question. Well, it all started with a chance conversation by the mailboxes. I simply offered to rub her shoulders after she mentioned having a rough day at work.

Once she was relaxed she had lifted up the back of her shirt. Massaging her back over her clothes was simply not good enough. A minute later she rolled down the belt line of her jeans, showing off those sexy dimples on her lower back. It was all I could do to keep my composure. In a flash, the sexiest woman I had seen—let alone touched—in months arched her back and wiggled her hips out of her jeans. Then she rolled over onto her back, kicked her legs into the air like a dancer and peeled her pants off completely.

But even so, I felt as smooth as James Bond when I casually suggested she should take her socks off too. After all, I had the most amazing foot massage humanly possible in store for her. But in no time at all, things escalated even further. Without any hesitation, she let her bra drop to the floor as she spontaneously pulled her shirt off over her head. But I somehow kept my wits about me. A heartbeat later I felt her thong hit me square between the eyes like a soft, silky rubber band. In the split second it took to rub my eyes and shake it off, she was already on her knees in front of me undoing my belt.

It got to the point where I had to turn most of them away. After all, some of these women were married! Everything you read in books only goes so far when you meet a high quality woman. Several years ago I discovered the art of massage therapy.

I poured all of my resources into professional courses and studied constantly. Originally, this was all about launching a career as a professional massage therapist. I almost fell out of my chair when I found that out! Sure, you want to get erotic with a woman…like we all do. And no worries, you will. It goes like this. Whenever you give to someone else for example, the sexy woman you are giving a massage to , her brain automatically feels compelled to give back to you.

You are being selfless. You are making her feel important, relaxed, comfortable, and putting her into a euphoric trance…all at once. In my Massage Your Date course I reveal in simple, step-by-step video how you can have her completely naked in under thirty minutes …and it will all be her idea. And YES…if done with the right intent like I show you, it can all start with a simple, rejection-proof four-minute back massage routine. But never before has there been such a complete and powerful method for connecting with a woman, bonding with her and inspiring her to trust you almost immediately.

Willingness is always better than compliance. They want this web taken down immediately. I guarantee it. Every bit of my hard-earned knowledge is in the step-by-step video program. In it I teach you exactly what to do. You start off with her fully clothed and full of curious anticipation. Little does she know that with the techniques I show you, she will soon be flooded with oxytocin. Just a few moments later she will be trusting every move you make. No worries, I also break down the individual steps for you in subsequent lessons. But the first step is to get a feel for how you will perform professional massage on any woman you desire.

The magic of massage is in your hands. So if you are going to work magic you must know how to use your hands. You need to know which strokes to use and when and where to use them to get the maximum response. In this video you will discover seven different strokes which magically empower your hands to give any woman more intense pleasure than she can even imagine.

All the strokes are broken down and clearly demonstrated so that you will be able to use them immediately. I am not sure why it is but most women put their feet through hell. They wear shoes that are not comfortable — too tight or heels too high — or they stand on them too much during the working day.

Well guess what? By the end of the day most women have tired and aching feet. Want to be her hero? Give her a foot massage. In this video you will learn the tricks to giving an awesome foot massage. You will learn how to use hot towels to clean without her even knowing it and relax the foot. She is now feeling relaxed and content. The next part of the body you will work on is the back.

This video teaches you how to massage the back, the strokes to use and the areas to avoid. I will show you how to take your time, ask how she is feeling and how to keep moving forward. The back is very non-threatening. You are not quite ready for her to take too many of her clothes off just yet. Well, you may be ready but she is probably not. So you need to transition, continuing to build trust and pleasure. That is exactly what you will learn to do in this video. You will learn the ways to massage her legs and butt over her clothes in order to get her used to you touching her in those sensitive areas…all without her becoming uptight or uncomfortable.

Once she feels the pleasure of the legs and butt massage with her clothes on, she is going to realize how much better things will feel without her clothes coming between your magic fingers and her skin. But there is a right way and a wrong way to get those jeans or whatever she is wearing off. And if you go about it the wrong way, you will kill the magic.

This video teaches you the right approach so there are never any regrets. Take a deep breath! This video teaches you the proper techniques for massaging the legs and butt while she is wearing only her underwear. You are still focused on giving her pleasure. This is where so many guys mess up everything and blow it. But get it right—just Iike I will teach you—and she will crave your hands all over her body.

By now you really have her yearning for your touch. But let the pleasure build. Slow down and let the magic in your hands work for you. This video teaches you how get her to turn over so she is facing you. It can be really powerful to see her face and realize the pleasure you are giving her. Also, this video teaches you the proper way to massage the top of the legs and continue the adventure. Doing this correctly will show her that you have masculine control,mature patience and the raw skills most other men will never possess.

If you have followed what I have been showing you so far, you are now ready for the finisher.

Massage your date

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Why You Should Invite Her for a Massage on Your First Date