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Our d massage therapists are highly skilled and able to not only provide nurturing and relaxation but also to help with problem areas of pain in the neck, back, arms, legs and hands with their therapeutic approach and technical training. We also do prenatal massage for the same price as our other massages , because we believe that prenatal massage for pregnant women is highly beneficial for both mom and baby, and we want to keep it accessible. Each of our therapists have their specialties, and they all create a customized massage for you drawing on the modalities and techniques that will be most therapeutic and healing for you.

Our therapists are very knowledgeable about the musculature and structure of the human body, and the massages they provide go beyond what is typically found in a spa environment. They are here to help from a therapeutic standpoint and also to provide massages that are nurturing, relaxing and healing. Our d massage therapists commonly work with clients who have had injuries related to tissue trauma from auto accidents and work related injuries.

Some of our practitioners provide pregnancy massage as well as focused massage for women who have had breast cancer and mastectomies. During your first massage visit, you will be given a quick two-sided form to fill out. The information you provide on the form gives your massage therapist vital information to ensure you get the massage you want. For example, the form asks what type of massage you want and the desired outcome of your visit, such as relaxation, pain relief or help with a specific problem area.

It also reviews any health conditions you may have that your massage therapist would need to know. Once you return for your next massage, there is no need to fill out another form; you and your therapist can discuss any changes that may have occurred during the time between massages. Try to arrive a few minutes early to use the restroom and then get settled prior to your allotted time.

Being massaged with a full bladder can feel uncomfortable and having to get up from the table to get dressed and visit the restroom can feel disruptive. Of course, if nature calls during your massage, visiting the restroom is never a problem. You can simply your massage when you return and still reap all the wonderful benefits. After meeting your massage therapist, you will be escorted to the massage room and given time alone to under dress to your comfort level.

Once you are lying down on the massage table under a comfy sheet and blanket, the therapist will knock on the door to ensure you are ready for your massage. As relaxing music plays your massage will begin. You are welcome to bring your own relaxing music on an iPod or iPhone. We have worked to create a restful and private massage room for your enjoyment. Feel free to close your eyes and enjoy this amazing time set aside just for you. A massage should never hurt but should feel like it is loosening tight muscles and helping to move stuck energy in your body.

Let your therapist know what is best for you, such as giving more attention to one area or a change in pressure in a sensitive area. Since only you know what feels good to you, offering feedback is the best way to ensure you get the perfect massage. That decision is up to you. Most clients opt to remove all clothing except their underwear. This gives the therapist clear access to your back, neck, arms, legs and feet, and allows them to use massage cream for smoother deeper strokes. If you decide to receive your massage clothed, yoga-type clothing that is soft and close fitting is your best choice.

Massage lotion will not be used if you have clothing on, and your therapist will change the massage technique to accommodate for clothing. The most important part is that you feel comfortable and safe during your massage. A full, digesting belly can feel uncomfortable during a massage. However, feeling hungry can also be uncomfortable and distracting. Your best bet is to eat a full meal 2 to 3 hours prior to your appointment. If you miss a meal and find that you are hungry before your appointment, a light snack should keep you comfortable during your massage.

If you prefer to sit while being massage, we usually are able to offer chair massage. During a chair massage, you are upright, fully clothed and supported while leaning forward on tailor-made massage chair. For a chair massage, dress in soft, close fitting yoga-type clothes.

The therapist will massage your neck, back, arms and head. This massage lasts from 30 minutes to an hour depending on your needs. If you would like both types of massage, you can request a chair massage for half of your session and then finish up with a traditional table massage. Just let us know in advance and we will have everything set up for you prior to your arrival.

Drinking water, in general, is always a good idea, but drinking water is especially important after a massage because it helps the body flush the water, salt and other minerals expressed from the muscles during the massage. By providing the body with plenty of water, it will naturally sweep away these waste materials. Sometimes, when you are not properly hydrated after a massage, waste material can build up in your muscles and cause soreness. Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. If you chose to tip your therapist, small envelopes are available for you to use, which can be given to the therapist or with the front desk.

Most clients choose to pay for their massage when they first arrive. They chose to pay prior to their appointment. However, paying after the massage is fine as well. If you are paying by credit card and you will want to include a tip with the payment, please let the person ringing you up know that when you provide your credit card. We are located in a unique two-story office building, called Plaza 16, which contains an open-air, plant filled atrium.

The stone floors and retractable roof make our location a wonderful place to relax and enjoy. We are on the first floor, just to the right of the entrance. Find more information about our location, including a map, here. Quarters are available at our front desk should you need them. Vastly helped relieve pain in my left shoulder and decreased stress level ificantly.

Very friendly and professional staff. Easy Parking. Highly recommend. Relaxing atmosphere, kind knowledgeable staff. Easy parking. Hang in there and please use us for all of your health concerns. We have wonderful anti-virals and immune boosters in stock, and we are making customized supplement recommendations daily. Natural supplements and vitamins used at a therapeutic level can be particularly helpful both for preventing Covid symptoms as well as for helping to clear it much more quickly.

Post Covid patients who continue to experience symptoms well beyond the usual day course of the virus should reach out to us for help to restore health. We are standing by to help. Ardmore, PA thrive livewellholistichealth. Therapeutic Massage. Gift Certificates. Online Scheduling. Give the gift of wellness! Frequently Asked Questions.

What types of massage do you offer? What can I expect when I arrive for my first massage visit? How can I best prepare for my massage? What can I expect from my massage? Should I talk during my massage? What should I wear for my massage? You can wear whatever is most comfortable for you. Should I take all of my clothes off? Can I eat before a massage? Can I sit up during the massage? Why is drinking water suggested after a massage? Should I tip my massage therapist? When should I pay for the massage?

Where are you located? Do you provide parking? Their massage is soothing and healing. Professional, dignified massage. Amit gives the best massages. Covid 19 Update. We are seeing patients in person and via TeleMedicine. If you are unsure which option is best for you, please call us and we will be happy to help. TeleMedicine sessions can be done over the phone with or without video, and they are for ANY health condition you may have.

Massage ardmore pa

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