Manipulative boyfriend quiz

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This quiz will help you determine whether your unhappiness in your relationship may be due to living with a partner who is narcissistic, manipulative, toxic, or passive aggressive. This quiz should not replace mental health treatment but can help you identify some s of being in a toxic relationship for informational purposes. If you do find that you're likely living with someone toxic, you've taken a great first step by acknowledging the problem to yourself and beginning to stop blaming yourself. More help is available once you take that step!

If your relationship is toxic, my online self-study course can help! The information in the course is not only for co-parenting issues, but is for anyone living with someone toxic, and will give you a deeper understanding of how to understand your toxic relationship and what your options are for addressing the situation, regardless of whether you stay or leave.

Living with a Narcissistic or Borderline Partner. On the other hand also a good confirmation. Little bit of self compassion goes along way. Good luck to you. I got a He always finds a way back into my life no matter what and i always go back with him and end up getting hurt.

Every time. I just left my toxic lover after he gave me the silent treatment for asking him to respect my boundaries. The crazy part is that I want him back. Took advantage of me when things were good. He can make me feel worthless. And, I want him back.

I think of him all the time. I need help. That sounds hard. You could definitely benefit from finding someone objective to talk to you about it. Sometimes we need someone outside the situation to help us pull out. I broke up with ny bf coz I always get the blame and I fix our relationship alone. Then he wanted to start over but he puts no effort and let me do it alone.

And he always makes me feel bad, and uses mental health as an excuse even tho I have mental illness too. I am in the exact same position. I just feel like a walking ATM who not only gives money but is supposed to listen to everything thing that comes out of his mouth without expecting anyone, let alone him, caring about how I am or how my day went let alone my needs or wants.

You may also have been gaslit hard. Youre the one caring enough to take the quiz and reflect, not him. Go easy on yourself! I used this as a way to determine a friendship relationship. I get it that when we get into arguments, you might want to take some time off from your partner. But is this?!? Ignoring me for days straight…. I got My partner and I had a very rocky start to our relationship. Where she did not sexually respect my boundaries and gaslit me into doing sexual things with her.

Upon confrontation took a lot of courage , she started crying and made it about how she felt like an abuser instead of giving me a proper apology. But she did change and it was visible. But she runs away every time we have conflict, I have to chase after her, trying to make her talk and resolve our issues. I see that I too have not been perfect, there have been times I also got very defensive when we were talking but in the end, I understood and apologized. Lately every days, she brings up something trivial like a social media post, and then start a fight. With time I too have been feeling that I have reached my limit, consequently, I have started getting defensive and dismissive.

Which is really toxic, and I should work on it too. But in her case, even when I bring up something that bothers me, she will make me feel guilty, the conversation will go to some other tangent and in the end, I will be the one to apologize again. I have suggested that she should go for therapy, but she always says stuff like I do not believe in it etc.

I went for therapy for 2 years, and I am thinking to go again. I do love my girlfriend and care about her deeply, but every few days I feel like I am on the edge, walking on eggshells. It does feel like our relationship is unhealthy, therapy is the only way to make it work, but my partner refuses to go.

Therapy for you definitely sounds like it can help. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Toxic Relationship Quiz. Next. Welcome to the Toxic Relationship Quiz This quiz will help you determine whether your unhappiness in your relationship may be due to living with a partner who is narcissistic, manipulative, toxic, or passive aggressive. Here is a link to register: Living with a Narcissistic or Borderline Partner. My partner seems to have a split personality I feel that my partner and I share equal power in the relationship My partner seems very appreciative of all the things I do in the relationship.

My partner pushes my buttons until I explode and seems to bring out a frustrated side of me that doesn't really feel like "me". When I act vulnerable in my relationship, my partner often acts rejecting or cold instead of getting closer to me or being understanding. My partner has trouble paying the bills and sometimes lies to me about this. Even though my partner and I are very different, we both respect each other. I often feel tension or suspense in my relationship and I can't tell what's causing it.

My partner respects authority and when we have a disagreement we are both open to talking to a third party about it and getting some perspective. Even when we have disagreements, I never feel bullied by my partner. Just when I feel I can't take things anymore in my relationship, my partner starts to act all nice and solicitous and it makes me forget how difficult things just were. Sometimes my relationship really makes me question my sanity, or makes me second guess myself a lot Time is Up! Patricia March 22, at am - Reply.

Megan April 23, at pm - Reply. I got a 17!! I knew it was bad everyone else knows it too but wow. Anonymous June 24, at pm - Reply. Dan July 22, at am - Reply. Austyn May 5, at pm - Reply. Elle Woods May 23, at pm - Reply. Meemee May 29, at pm - Reply. Tea July 1, at pm - Reply. Ha May 25, at pm - Reply.

Manipulative boyfriend quiz

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QUIZ: is it love or control?