Love is selfish

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Selfish love is akin to toxic love in that it can damage the violated partner. It can also destroy your relationship. Selfish love is common. All their interactions, negotiations, and activities center on this. Setting boundaries and communicating your wants and needs in a relationship is good.

They are also being immature and unfair. People of any age can behave this way. A selfish person says I love you to hear I love you back. A selfish person uses love to manipulate and control. Children may do the same thing with their parents. Children do it unknowingly. Adults do it unconsciously. Rationalization in this context is a process of making excuses, blaming others, and self-deception an unwillingness to face the truth.

How do I know this? I observed an extreme case over many years in a close relative. This led me to study this behavior in other people and my own relationships. Selfish love can happen in any relationship, not just romantic ones.

It can happen in family and friend relationships as well. This does not mean they are self-sacrificing or subservient. They have just developed a level of maturity, confidence, and self-awareness that allows them to give love without measure or expected return. They know from experience that if the love is real it will be returned to them in equal or greater measure.

It usually feels greater from their point of view. I had been in many romantic relationships that I believed were based on true love until I noticed a radical shift in my behavior during a special relationship years later. In prior relationships, one or both of us often behaved selfishly to varying degrees. Apparently, I was too immature. After advancing further into adulthood I fell deeply in love with a woman in a way that I had never experienced before.

The biggest difference was that my pleasure and joy came from seeing her satisfied and happy. Before this relationship, my main concern was often on my own interests, pleasure, and happiness, which is selfishness. That relationship was one of the most exciting and fulfilling of my life by far. When selfishness is deeply ingrained, selfish behavior by others seems normal. Fix it or end it. Living with it would only lead to frustration and heartache. Describe why the behavior is unacceptable to you without calling them selfish — if you can.

Ask them if they will stop it. And mean it. If you observe serious selfish behavior like running up huge balances on credit cards buying unneeded luxury items for themselves, you might cut your losses and end the relationship. This would be especially true if both your names are on the credit cards and the behavior continued more than once after you talked about it. If they were opening credit cards and running them up secretively, it would probably best to move on. But before you do, be sure to secretively close or take your name off the credit card s. I believe selfishness causes more problems than anything else in relationships.

Safeguard yourself from selfishness. The rewards of being unselfish greatly outweigh the rewards of being selfish. This article is my unselfish gift to you. Or are you In Love or Fake Love How do you know if you are truly in love? You will

Love is selfish

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Love is Selfish!