Looking for long term banter

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. A true Renaissance man, Steve Allen accomplished more in one lifetime than most men could in ten. Author of more than 50 books, composer of thousands of songs, and a comic genius, Allen will undoubtedly be remembered best as a pioneer of the late-night television talk show.

Hugh Henry Brackenridge was an American lawyer and writer. His reputation as a writer rests almost entirely on "Modern Chivalry, " a novel in which he humorously reveals the confusion and controversy that characterized the early years of the American Republic.

Home Sentence Banter Banter sentence example banter. What a world is this and how does fortune banter us! The light banter was no longer there. Gave you a twist? I might enjoy that kind of banter with a real person I will never meet, talking to me from a distant state. Several women bathed in stalls, the easy banter between them marking their camaraderie. This light banter was one of the things she had missed most about him - that and his confidence. I like a bit of banter , think i have a good sense of humor.

Why the boys should drive away, Little maidens from their play, Or love to banter and fight so well, That's the thing I never could tell. She relaxed and enjoyed the continuation of light banter. After some banter with Mr McNulty the final three had to flex their muscles by doing more press-ups.

Enjoy a bit of friendly banter but do not get abusive. I miss the banter from the competitions you used to run. He's much better at comedy, and the humorous banter between him and his costars has a nice zing to it. His banter is nearly always ungainly, his wit blunt, as Johnson said, and often unseasonable.

Blending incisive observation with light-hearted banter , a welcome rapport was developed with the audience. However they still managed to raise a smile through their onstage banter. I even threw in a bit of audience banter. The hall became alive with chatter and laughter, as the dibber turner's efforts were met with good-natured banter.

It was all good natured banter , no malice. You too can enjoy the office banter with everyone else. There was much good-natured teasing and banter , and a lot of laughter, although some serious discussion from time to time. The weekly connectivity and banter will provide a great way to bond and provide another layer of entertainment during the season. Remember too that flirting is part of the casual banter between men and women in France, and flirting back is not necessarily an automatic admission of liking someone. The recording is from an early 80s show, so it's not the most up-to-the-minute Rocky Horror Picture Show experience, but it can still give you a good idea of the kind of audience banter to expect.

People are there for football scores and friendly banter , not to compliment you on your gorgeous helmet-shaped gelatin mold. The Sentinel is a fantasy series with the look and feel of a cop show, from the car chases and explosions to the office politics and bullpen banter. They could be either brute beast or sentient being, and dragons are often depicted in legend as engaging in tricky banter. Amid the friendly banter it is easy to forget that your posts can be viewed by others. Included was much good-humoured banter between the teams and with the presenters and really initiated the buzz seen at proceeding CUHCS events.

In spite of their jovial banter they are aware that each food has a season in spite of its continual availability within our shops. I cracked open a few bottles of wine and some beers, and we all settled back to enjoy Terry Wogan's witty banter. They exchanged humorous banter with neither party revealing their true objective. Amid much light hearted banter we trotted down to the get in for an inspection. I am honestly amazed that more artists don't use between song banter to talk about who they want to " fook ". It's full of friendly and sometimes biting banter between the four of them but shows their camaraderie and respect for each other.

There always appears to be great banter with the regulars and staff which you can often become emersed in. What was for decades an unspeakable truth, has become the small change of Internet newsgroup banter. Difficult runs back into resort but that only adds to the apres ski banter. This can range from verbal banter , including insults, jokes and comments with sexual or racist undertones, to unwelcome physical abuse. William, who was drinking vodka with a mixer, indulged in banter with his mates. That said tho she went down well with most the crowd and her somewhat whimsical banter between songs was funny and enjoyable.

Our mission is for UKTV G2 to become much talked-about, a channel with sharp attitude and home of quick-witted banter. There seem to be awkward pauses, stilted banter and duff links all over the shop. Each song was linked by pleasant friendly, uplifting banter including surreptitious advertising for Harveys of Lewes! These songs range in style but with his outrageous dress sense and witty banter Martin delivered in a true rock poet way. He 's much better at comedy, and the humorous banter between him and his costars has a nice zing to it.

The information, though, is solid, in spite of the banter. After much back and forth banter about how Brody believed he could be friends with any one he chooses, he basically replied with a "Bro, puh-lease," effectively ending their friendship. Dialogue is wooden and it wasn't even Lucas' fault! There is, traditionally, a great deal of flirting and playful banter taking place during the dance, entertaining for both dancers and audience alike. Less talk, more substance: Fun, games and light hearted banter are great for a romantic relationship, but there also needs to be some substance, something Gemini is not really known for.

Libra and Gemini: As an intellectual match, these two air s provide one another with the conversation and banter that they are looking for. Sagittarius loves to debate, and Gemini can banter with the best of them if she's in the mood. The pair share a history in Stars Hollow and whenever there is a falling out between Luke and Lorelai, Lorelai finds herself bereft because she can't go to the diner for a cup of coffee and banter with Luke.

Flirting phrases in French language tend to be compliments, terms of endearment, and casual banter between two people. Flirting is light-hearted and full of banter , exchanging compliments and making funny jokes about a situation. The famous Hirsch trial, and Voltaire's vanity and caprice, greatly lowered him in the esteem of the king, who, on his side, irritated his guest by often requiring him to correct bad verses, and by making him the object of rude banter. No time is wasted with between song banter yet this only adds to the dark guitar fuzz and throbbing bass.

The differences begin with the in-between games and the casual banter of Dr. To tell them that she felt ashamed for herself and for them would be to betray her agitation, while to decline their offers to dress her would prolong their banter and insistence. He played along with her banter but it was interesting to see he was savoring everything she said like the good wine we were sharing. Browse other sentences examples The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

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Looking for long term banter

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