Lets have some fun Hung Latin here

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Tuesday July 20th, new video added. Dante let us know how bad he wanted to be pounded by Dante. In fact he does have trouble deep throating and bottoming for him at the beginning. Monday July 19th, new bareback bonus video added. Every Monday and Friday we add a new full length streaming bonus video from independent studios featuring hot Latino and interracial scenes.

These streaming videos are a bonus in addition to all of our own original exclusive content. Sunday July 19th, New photos added. Even so, he loves getting fucked with his legs up in the air on his back. He especially likes big uncut dicks. Thursday July 15th, new video added. Today we are introducing our latest cute Latin twink model named Nicholas. But, he also let us know that he enjoys sex with both males and females. With guys he is versatile. And as you can see he has a really hot hairless bubble butt.

Nicholas is also endowed with a big curved uncut cock. We want him to… for more. Wednesday July 14th, new story added. Every week we feature a True Story written by our members about their first Latino sexual experience. Thursday July 8th, new video added. Tuesday July 6th, new video added. Our newest Amateur Action scene features some hot horny young Latinos bareback sex action with 20 year old Nielo and 19 year old Wapo.

Both models have come a long way since their first solo shoots. Nielo is a power top now and loves fucking guys. He had just barely started fooling around with guys giving him head when we first met him. For his part Wapo was… for more. Thursday, July 1st, new video added. The naked Latino amateur twink we are adding this week is 18 years old. He considers himself to be straight because he has only messed around with one guy so far. At a party a guy asked to play with his dick and then sucked him off. Marcus has a cute toned body… for more. Sunday June 24th, new video added. But after seeing Zack in all the new clothes he bought with the money made by modeling he quickly changed his… for more.

Thursday June 17th, new video added. The naked 19 year old Latino you see in the photos above is Zack. It was a hot day and his ripped abs and muscular pectoral muscles were enhanced by a light coating of sweat that made them stand out even… for more. Thursday June 10th, new video added. Especially on a cute guy and that also just happens to have a beautiful hairless ass, too. Our new model Softcore has all these traits and more. The people… for more. Tuesday June 8th, new video added. We know our members love watching Latino twinks bareback sex. We met Jairo at a bus station going back to his city just last month and he made it clear that he wants to fuck one of the cute bubble butts we have on the site in the near future.

Obviously Haze meets that description. He has the perfect round bubble butt. Moreover he knows how to use… for more. Thursday June 3rd, new video added. Unlike some guys with big dicks Donte is versatile and loves fucking and getting fucked. Thursday May 27th, new video added. Finally after three months he agreed to do it as long as the other model is versatile. Another condition… for more. Tuesday May 25th, new video added. The model shown here with the big Latin cock is Lorenzo.

He told us that guys love his fat cock head in particular because it always hits their G-Spot. Lorenzo is a top and prefers fucking doggy style because he always has a more intense orgasm in that position. Thursday May 20th, new Amateur Action video added. Riko has made it clear that he wants to do his first scene with someone masculine, handsome, and packing a big uncut Latino cock.

Clearly Tino has all those traits and he has been working out even harder lately and his body is looking better than… for more. Tuesday May 11th, new video added. Both models wake up horny as hell because it has been over a week since either busts a nut. Whereas Travi wakes up wanting to fuck a bitch which is the opposite of what Dimitrios wants. He wakes up wanting to get fucked like a bitch. Reymundo the cutie wearing the hat shows up for his interview with our photographer. His friend Leo comes along because he is giving him a ride to the location.

Within 15 minutes they are making out to help Reymundo… for more. Hung papi Renzo is a natural exhibitionist. He loves meeting people on hook-up apps, public parks and nude beaches. He challenges himself to find guys that… for more. As a matter of fact they never do it any other way. They have been fucking almost every day since filming! Haze told us that Nielo is a human fuck machine and can fuck… for more. In addition he has a nice big cock, too. His name is Riko and his sexual fantasy is to have sex with an anonymous person on public transportation or anyplace where there is a chance of getting caught.

Like a lot of other guys, Ceyo gets really horny when working out at the gym. And sure enough he got rock hard as soon as be picked up the weights. Sexually he likes anal, 69, eat ass, kisses and touching. He is a very passionate guy and he is versatile but it depends on the other guy. The craziest thing he has done was having… for more. Bi Curious Latin Twink Marcus is our newest model. A lot of cute guys have hit up on him and even offered him money but so far he has been too nervous to go all… for more.

We know that Tino likes big dick barebacking action because he loves talking about his sex life. Even so he would not confirm his interest in doing it in front of the cameras. But now all of a sudden he wants to fuck Haze because he has a beautiful big bubble butt and can obviously handle a big dick. Moreover it looks like he can deep throat a big cock better than anyone. Their chemistry… for more. When he was growing up Hardcore was a little shorter than a lot of the other guys at school so he started getting tattoos lots of them and learned how to fight to protect himself.

His hardcore look turned on the girls and he fucked a lot of them. Even guys would hit up on him so one night at a party two years ago he ended up fucking a dude for the first time… for more. We have some hot monster cock bareback fucking for you this week as Dimitrios makes his debut in a LatinBoyz Amateur Action scene. During his solo shoot we found out he loves to bottom for someone with a huge dick like his own but that is a rare find. Undoubtedly Dante meets the standard, as we all know. Not only does Dimitrios know how to take… for more.

Our newest model Haze loves to smoke out and have his Latin twink hot ass and thick cock played with. The dick is eight inches long and very thick on this cute versatile papi. Of course he his horny all the time like all the rest of our models and has sex as often as possible and jacks of at least once every day. In addition to having his dick played with he loves having… for more. The hot man is Benz and the cute Latino twink is Otro.

In addition to thinking that Benz is the perfect man, Otro loves how hard his cock gets when he fucks and practically begs our photographer to work with him. Benz is very masculine and has a hot toned body. In addition to that he knows how to fuck really good. Our newest model is a 19 year old named Dimitrios that is blessed with a beautiful curved Latino monster cock. But of course that is not a problem because he is very versatile. He loves getting rimmed and has even busted a nut… for more. Our first model for is a cute guy with a big uncut Latin dick that likes to show off named Chido. He was first caught stroking that dick on the Metro by someone who filmed it with his phone and published it on social media.

Instead of getting mad he contacted the guy and let him know he would be at the mall bathroom getting sucked off if he wants to film him some… for more. He thrusts his ass back on a hard cock as the aggressor even if he is the… for more. Even so he has been fantasizing about doing it. Of course Travi loves treating cute Latino twinks like his own personal bitch and was horny anyways.

Check out this sexy naked Latino boxer named Cezar. Our photographer saw him working out through a window at the local gym and knew he had to see him naked. As you would expect from someone that works out every day he is horny as fuck and his dick stayed rock hard through the entire shoot. Cezar… for more. Com for a long time. But he has never worked up the nerve to actually do it. Then a couple days ago he met another 18 year old guy in a public restroom at a department store.

They ended up fucking right on the spot. So, he shows up at the… for more. He was so horny that his dick was rock hard for the entire shoot and he could barely push it down to get it to… for more.

Lets have some fun Hung Latin here

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