Korean bath house denver co

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To set an appointment, us at: izbadenver gmail. Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm Sun: 11am-5pm. A: We are in the midst of a full restoration of Izba Spa Denver after a fire caused enough smoke damage to necessitate a full rebuild. We want to offer treatments to our clients and keep Izba alive, all while exploring some new and exciting therapies! A: Halotherapy is another name for aerosol salt therapy consisting of resting in a room where very small salt particles are fanned into the air specifically for improving breathing issues such as asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis and other lung related issues.

Also helps with many skin issues! A: With the sauna industry being overwhelmed with business during the pandemic, we were forced to look outside of the traditional heat methods. We were able to find an amazing option that offers Near, Mid and Far range Infrared heat. What is so incredible about infrared therapy is its ability to sanitize, work on the surface of the body for skin issues, and also go deep into the body for pain relief, and relaxation of the muscles, fascia and bones. With infrared you can raise the core temperature up to 3 full degrees! The traditional Banya will be completely rebuilt and available when Full Izba reopens.

A: Different wavelengths of the light spectrum affect the human biofield and structure in many beneficial ways. The sauna at Mini Izba has a range of different colored therapeutic light settings that are as follows:. Basic Treatment : 10 min. Halotherapy, 10 min. Sauna, 30 min. We are doing everything we can do get the spa reopened as soon as possible.

The restoration has become more complex than originally anticipated. Smoke damage and insurance delays are making it quite a difficult process, but progress is happening daily! In an effort to support our therapists through this trying time, we would like to connect any interested clients with your preferred therapist for massage appointments.

If you would like to set up an appointment for massage, please izbadenver gmail. Please check back for further updates in the coming weeks. Mini Izba Now Open! We are excited to announce the opening of our new Mini Izba Spa! Q: What is Chromotherapy? Treatments Available: Basic Treatment : 10 min. Halotherapy, 15 min. Sauna, 60 min. Halotherapy, 60 min. Update to all Izba Spa Clients We are doing everything we can do get the spa reopened as soon as possible. Izba Spa Staff. Go to Top.

Korean bath house denver co

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