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There was nothing random about how we met. Given our shared interests and our online expression of them, it was inevitable that we would come into contact. View all posts by Jon Udell. That should be option 1 … the of people I know through the web is ificant and is probably true for many people. I mean come on, it has FACE in its name. Furthermore, this mode of relationship-making is hardly new, as relationships-by-correspondence both personal and professional, both positive and antagonistic, and both private and public are a time-honored tradition as old as letter-writing.

The patterns of community enabled and popularized by the Internet are anything but new except in scale and ubiquity. It is sometimes very interesting to see how people are related and how they know each other. I find that the value of Facebook increases the more information you put into it.

I agree with Jon. There should be more options. Because they do not like these kind of options as the data mining value and therefor what can be sold to advertisers is not as nice as with the other options? It will be hard to index and retrieve in their sql query, but at least it will reflect how I met my contacts.

The four of them and I include Madame Bovary knew all about conversation engines in their centuries long exchange and their hyperlinks were literature. Their quips, novels and criticism were their blog posts and permalinks. Their shared interests were demonstrably life itself and the ideas they contributed as they described and lived it. Everyone focuses on attention, relevance and the here and now, the live web.

One hopes that some of the social software we are building will be able to take the long view and tease out these kinds of references and stamp them with hyperlinks. Back in the day when Facebook was closed to college students only, however, those were the options you were able to select when confirming how you know a friend.

It would, however, be a great laboratory in which to prototype mechanisms that could eventually operate on the open Net. In a lot of ways, you could say the same for Facebook as a whole. Meanwhile, in this situation right here, we have a good example of the allure of the walled garden. Maybe that experience will help focus attention on tidying them up more generally. I struggle continuously in compromise with this feature.

Certainly new social media sites should take new social and relationship culture into when developing an element like this. More and more, relationships are based on conversations and connections that occur and remain online without traditional constructs. A digression on your point about how we keep track of things and how we decide to communicate and engage in conversations…. Thus our first interactions might have been or blog posts where I had control, rather than comments. That decision about how one responds is important. The same thing occurs when it comes to cell phones, whether to respond by phone, or text message.

Each of these services are in effect portals onto our attention. Further digression: some say that SMS spread because the pricing model made it cheaper than voice in certain parts. Most messages are ephemeral, silly or prosaic, but a small subset we like to return to for whatever reason to laugh, to cry, to remember what was said.

These days, I use co. Moreover, on most blogs systems each comment is url addressable so I could even tag my comments appropriately and resyndicate. Lots of blogs have those digg, delicious and facebook buttons. Incidentally that is a business opportunity for the web-based feed readers or attention-mongers: Bloglines or Technorati Enterprise for example. Now that enlightened list servers are putting urls in message headers, clients can begin to add options to visualize the links. Luckily with the spread of feeds, there is now the orange icon in the browser ui indicating related feeds. I do however want other indicators for other potential types of related links.

Which le me to my parting comment. The first step in my campaign is to get Blogger to expand the limited subset of html it allows in comments for example to add blockquote, cite, strong, em. And the UI indicator that should be wherever you can comment along with a link to the formatting guidelines. All this of course was a long-winded way of saying that when it comes to tracking conversations, the link is a beautiful thing. Ed, your Facebook addicted brother in law has a pretty empty social timeline, then.

Probably not a highly valued feature of Facebook, I guess. And really, this is a checkbox, where multiple choices are simultaneously valid. Expanding the list somewhat is entirely reasonable. Finally, I suspect that there are plenty of relationships within Facebook even in the original college student demographic that started online through the web or via correspondence , and a subset of those that continue to be online-only.

Now that Facebook has spread off campus, those do need work. Yeah, right. Jon, you nailed it! It is very frustrated. Ya they should have through the web as a very high answer because all the web sites now myspace myyearbook and youtube are all great ways to meet ppl i met my first bf online and we still goin out it is amazing and not random so ya they really do need it as a choice. Like this: Like Loading Published by Jon Udell. Through the Web!

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