Kim kardashian hollywood dating outfits

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It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! New Posts. May I would pick based on which outfit I liked most and which action I would most likely use. Hope this helps. Money Maker or Fashion Icon since both of the special action button pops up when doing gigs. I also agree with Bella about choosing the outfit you like the most. I really should go by Belle because there is already a Koko. Good idea Cookie! I like all 3 it took me like 6 months to get here haha. I did Money Maker first because I loved the outfit the most. I will do the Love Guru last and I'm working towards finishing my 2nd so I can do the last.

None of them will make anything easier in the game or otherwise, so just go with the one with the clothing you like the most!! Please excuse the type-o's.. I'm on my phone and it doesn't like to write what I'm typing! I picked Money Maker first - appearances are the easiest job type energy-wise so this helped that a little more.

And the outfit is gorgeous Fashion icon again - for job purposes again my least favorite of the outfits Ever since I have picked Love Guru - dating at the Oak has become a little more annoying as the bonus for the tap spot isn't worth the energy But that dress tho I did Fashion Icon first because I liked the Balmain inspired dress. This was well before the in game Balmain collab which now has a ton of better looking Balmain dresses. The action comes in handy during gigs, sometimes.

Sometimes, this action doesn't even pop up for me in modeling gigs. I did Love Guru next because I loved the dress, even though I hardly dated. And last I did the Moneymaker. I liked the outfit the least but, I think the Moneymaker action has helped me much more than the others. I would do it first if I had it to do over again. I did Love, Fashion, and Money.

I think I chose love cause a dating event was approaching and I thought it would help, but it was kinda meh. If I had to do it over: for the outfit: Fashion, I just use the dress more for game purposes: Money, it does seem to help more. Find me on FB facebook. However, if your favorite dating place is Oak, and your favorite action balloon is "vintage wine", this action sometimes messes a little bit with it, sometimes you will need to use 9 energies to finish this action, so the vintage wine action appears.

Yes, Great post hyerlee. As someone who does Oak I did Love Guru first, so I started off hating the special task. They knock out a few of the smaller tasks in that gig. But yes Whichever you choose Happy Comeback. Enjoy the Extra Energy. Do a few gigs first then if you have Calabasas I completed all 3 comebacks last year. The dresses are all gorgeous but I'll say do the Love Guru last and pick any of the other 2 first.

The actions are all useless imo. I think you should choose money marker. Beyonce is pregnant with twins respect God and bow down. And happy black history month where all the blacks get the appreciation they deserve and black heroes who are long forgotten will be remembered all this month. I chose Love Guru, but only because it was this past dating weekend event. I somehow thought it would be of some benefit haha! It only makes the one hour Oak dates seem wasteful when that special action button pops up. I like the dress, so I chose it. June How long does it last?

I feel like ive been doing love guru for months now. April I'm in my second come back now so far I've played it for like a month now and I think it's fast I don't know about 6 months though but I think it's fast I don't think it'll reach 6months because I'm really addicted to this game I log in everyday to play it whenever I'm free. April 26 edited April Hey, have y9u checked out the Darkside thread? It;s for addicte, but no one tries to change you!

Oh, love the middle, but I did all 3 because it adds to your available energy accumulation. In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! In Register. 9.

Kim kardashian hollywood dating outfits

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