Is there true love after 40

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Love will find its way into your life in the strangest of times. A lot of people in our society think that they have to settle down, get married, and start a family by a certain age. Women, in particular, have been conditioned to believe that their body is a timebomb and if they fail to find a partner at the right time, they might end up being single forever.

Thankfully, reality has shown us time and again that you can safely set aside those fears. A of female celebrities have beaten the odds to find love later in life. The way in which these women have been able to confront their fears over finding love is a testament to the human spirit. Cameron Diaz has been in many high-profile relationships over the years, including the likes of Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto, and Alex Rodriguez, but none of those relationships made her seriously consider marriage. In fact, at some point in her early forties, she proclaimed that she would never get married. Instead, Cameron chose to focus on her physical and mental health in her forties.

She knew that she had to put herself first and figure out her own passions and ambitions before anything else. Cameron eventually retired from the entertainment industry, and she and Benji ended up welcoming their baby girl through surrogacy. She became a wife at 42 and a mother at She said in You have to find someone in the same place as you are. The actress-singer had already been through three marriages and a couple of engagements when she met former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, at a restaurant in February But Jennifer never gave up on herself; she was determined to heal, learn, and welcome romance back into her life anyhow.

On being with Alex, J-Lo said :. Though the two have been engaged for well over a year, fifty-one-year-old Jennifer has said that she and Alex are in no rush to get hitched. In the years since her wedding, Salma has spoken at length about how she, like many other celebrities, had been with men that only ended up hurting or disrespecting her. She even said that she was glad to be a mother at 41 as that meant she had tons of experience required to properly parent her daughter.

I wish I knew [when I was younger] that I was going to fall crazy in love with the perfect man. The two had first met at an event honoring Australians in entertainment just a year prior and were just instantly enamored with each other. After a little bit of hesitation, Keith made the move and asked her out.

Nicole was nearing 40 when she tied the knot with Keith, and their daughters Sunday and Faith Margaret were born while the couple was in their forties. At no point did Nicole ever let societal expectations ruin her romance. She had had a rough go of marriage with Tom Cruise and as a result, had thrown herself into work in order to avoid getting hurt yet again. She elaborated, saying :. I wanted it and I dreamed of it but I had no idea if it was actually going to happen. I feel beyond blessed to have this incredibly deep and powerful relationship I have with him, and that our children are the recipients of the love we have for each other too.

Perpetual cool girl Gwen Stefani had been badly burned by her relationship with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, who is reported to have cheated on her multiple times over the course of their marriage. Yet she kept her mind and heart open — love was lurking in the corner. Gwen announced her relationship with country star Blake Shelton in November Blake had recently gotten divorced from Miranda Lambert and Gwen had split from Gavin.

As a result, they were able to provide much-needed support to one another. She said :. I feel as if I spent the last four years healing—you know, trying to build my life again. Having a best friend like Blake to help me do that has been one of the greatest gifts. The two actually announced their engagement earlier this week, so wedding bells will be ringing sooner rather than later for the superstar couple. Relationships may come and go, but true love will find its way no matter what.

So do not, under any circumstances, let your age get in the way of you finding happiness. Recent Articles.

Is there true love after 40

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Can You Find True Love After 40? Absolutely, If You Do This